Experts Say This Common Charging Error Is Destroying the Battery in Your iPhone

However, improper charging could have a severe impact on your smartphone. You could believe that you’re taking good care of your iPhone—keeping it away from severe heat and cold, for example, and updating its software as soon as a new version of iOS is made available. Future battery life will be affected. Many people commit a few frequent billing errors, typically because they are far more practical and time-saving. To maintain your battery functioning as effectively as possible, eradicate such poor tech habits as soon as feasible.

Experts Say This Common Charging Error Is Destroying the Battery in Your Phone

While your iPhone is hooked into an outlet for charging

the opinion of Ivan Lovre Marusic, the chief executive officer and owner of Game Taco, one of the most frequent errors individuals do when charging their apple smartphone is to turn it on while it’s hooked to a power outlet rather than utilizing the cable for charging provided with the device.

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According to studies, charging the iPhone while it is plugged into a power outlet damages the battery’s life because it leads to overheating, according to Lovre Marusic. This could result in reactions of chemicals inside a battery that eventually cause it to malfunction.

Using a charger that comes with your iOS device while preventing charging it when it’s plugged into a power outlet are the two things Lovre Marusic advises doing if you’re concerned about the health of your battery. Even though it might not be as handy, doing this will probably prevent you from ever having to change your battery again.

Maintaining constant phone power

When you’re not using your phone, it could appear like an excellent plan to leave the charger nearby, but continuous charging might be terrible for your battery. Tina Grant, a quality tester at Aerospheres, noted that keeping an iPhone charged at all times is perhaps the most important charging mistake to prevent. If you charge your iPhone more often than necessary before its battery is entirely discharged, you run the risk of breaking it. Because of this, a pack’s longevity may be impacted by an overcharged battery.

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Leaving the battery on the phone low

Conversely, you shouldn’t disregard the fact that the battery life on your phone is really low. Users frequently don’t think much about the battery life of their gadgets and just charge them before using them, according to Grant. The recommendation from Apple is that these devices ought to retain a minimum of 50% of the battery remaining when out of use. The iPhone will enter a “deep discharge” state if this doesn’t happen and will lose a portion of the ability to keep a full charge.

Having your iPhone fully charged

Keep it in mind. While it’s a good idea to charge your phone to make sure the battery hasn’t fallen below 50%, letting it reach 100% is likewise not a good idea. According to Grant, keeping your iPhone from 30 to 80 percent full will optimize the system and maybe extend the capacitor’s lifespan. “Trying to charge the iPhone to 100% may not be the most sensible course of action.

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It is advised to try to start recharging your device before the battery hits 15% and to unplug it after the battery has reached 90% or 95%. Although the battery may occasionally go higher or lower than that, it is preferable to strive to maintain it there for as long as possible.

By following the above-mentioned easy instructions, you can help keep the battery in your phone as strong and effective as possible for as much time as possible.

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