How to Resolve a Problem With One AirPod

This article describes what can be the cause of the issue and how to remedy it, regardless of whether your left or right AirPod isn’t functioning. Any model of AirPods, including AirPods 1 and 2, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max, can use the advice in this article.

You can be looking at entirely other problems if both AirPods are giving you trouble. When both AirPods stop working, find out how to fix them.

How to Resolve a Problem With One AirPod

Why Does My AirPod Play in Only One Ear?

Something is wrong when your AirPod only plays sound in one ear. The causes can be anything from really straightforward ones like a low battery charge or filthy AirPods to pretty complex ones like issues with the network or audio settings.

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As a result, just as there isn’t a single cause for the AirPods issue, neither is there a single solution. The best course of action is to go through troubleshooting methods till the AirPod starts functioning once again.

When just one AirPod is functional, how can I fix them?

Try the solutions in the following order, ranging from the simplest to the most difficult:

1. Battery testing.

One AirPod’s dead battery is the simplest and most likely cause of its malfunction. Even if your AirPods were charged at the same time, one of them may run out of power before the other since AirPods have distinct battery life rates. Check the remaining power in your AirPods or in your battery widget, and charge them if necessary.

2. Restart Your Device.

Although restarting isn’t very likely to fix the issue, it’s quick and easy to do, so it’s worth a shot. A device’s active memory is cleared when it is restarted, which frequently fixes momentary issues. Restarting your iPhone or iPad might help.

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3. Update your operating system.

Numerous new features and significant bug fixes are included in every update of iOS and iPadOS. While it’s unlikely that this will help, there’s a potential that your issue has been resolved in the most recent OS update for your device. It’s worth a try to download and install fresh iOS upgrades because they are cost-free, quite quick, and offer lots of advantages.

4. Separate and repair your AirPods.

Still having audio issues with one AirPod? It’s time to re-configure your AirPods. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > click the i next to the AirPods > Forget This Device > Forget Device on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to accomplish this. That disconnects your device from the AirPods. After that, insert the AirPods into their case, press and hold the case’s button, and adhere to the setup instructions displayed on the screen.

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5. Verify the stereo balance.

On iOS devices, there is a feature deep under the Accessibility settings that allows you to adjust how much audio comes from the left and right AirPods. If only one AirPod is receiving sound from this setting, your issue may be that it is out of balance. Move the Balance slider to the middle in Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual here spot the spot the balance slider and move it to resolve this.

6. Reset AirPods firmly.

Try hard resetting your AirPods if nothing else has worked so far. Use the same procedures as in the previous section to unpair and repair your AirPods. Hold the AirPods case button depressed for approximately 15 seconds until the light flashes amber and then white. When instructed to release your grip, do so.

If even that doesn’t work, try again while pressing the case button for a considerably longer period of time—roughly 40 to 60 seconds. Continue after allowing the light to cycle through the amber-then-white phase five times.

7. Reset network configurations.

The settings on your smartphone determine how it connects to different networks, including Bluetooth devices. That could be the root of your problem if there is a problem with those settings. Although you’ll have to re-pair Bluetooth devices, enter Wi-Fi passwords, etc., resetting the settings can be helpful. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to reset the network settings.

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8. Ask Apple for assistance.

Now is the time to seek advice from the professionals: Apple. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store or contact Apple support.

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