Best Business Apps For iPhone To Run Your Business In Smart Way

An entrepreneur is a full-time employer who has to handle a thousand issues around the clock. As a result, any business person can not afford to work 9-to-5 hours if he wants to keep ahead of the game. So this is where the best iPhone company applications come into action!

Bearing in mind the various needs, we’ve selected some best apps which can be extremely helpful in simplifying the different tasks. With these new business apps on your radar, you ‘re going to be able to run your company right from your fingertips. You should keep your process in line with your high demand, whether they’re handling emails intelligently, taking care of assignments or organizing tasks perfectly.

Best Business Apps For iPhone To Run Your Business In Smart Way

Business Apps For iPhone To Run Your Business In Smart Way

Following are some business apps to make your job easy in smart way.

Smart sheet – Project Management App

Project management is a time-consuming task that needs you to be diligent in achieving the desired outcome. To keep track of a variety of staff and review the current progress of tasks they are working on, a project management software is a must.

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Use Smartsheet to help you to manage your business projects smoothly. You will keep a watch on all the happenings in your workplace from a distance of a thousand miles. In addition, you can also offer your valuable feedback to business activities from a remote location. 

The software also lets you add files, set up reminders, display Gantt charts, and more. Making use of models such as project schedule, sales queue, etc.

Quick books

Perceived to be among the most accounting software, QuickBooks is designed to eliminate all burden from account management. Using it, you can make and send qualified invoices and estimates to your clients. 

You will also be able to take pictures of your receipts and monitor your everyday expenses. Keep track of expenses and record of sales. The app also helps you to view expenses by group. And what is more, you can easily customize all your selling forms with your logo and fields. 

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Microsoft power point

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is currently the most common presentation software on all platforms. What stands out from this device is the familiar interface combined with the easy-to-use tools. Creating and editing presentations is therefore a relatively easy process. 

Ideally, you should customize your project to create a lasting impression. With the teamwork method still in the offing, you ‘re going to be able to work smoothly with your team. Plus, the files are automatically saved on OneDrive for improved security and accessibility. PowerPoint also supports a variety of languages like English, German, French, Czech, , Dutch , French, Danish, Japanese and more.

Google calender

When you want to schedule your meetings smartly and keep track of them with ease, go to “Google Calendar.” The software automatically syncs Gmail events and updates them in real-time. It syncs all the schedules around the channels so you can keep in touch with them. 

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Have you got some goal? Build it and this versatile software is going to help you accomplish it.

You may also create notifications to confirm that anything you plan to do is done well before the deadline. Thanks to the clever recommendations, scheduling is a simple affair. And with the power of the G-Suite, it makes it easier for you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues.


Talking the facts; Spark is the wisest email app I’ve ever tried. The software has a highly interactive design which makes it easy to handle communications. The inbox helps you to easily view important information and get rid of unwanted ones. 

It categorizes the emails as Private, Alert, and Newsletters. One of the key features of this app is that it allow you to create emails with your group. If you want everyone’s opinion to be completely on board, this collaboration feature will come in handy. You ‘re still preparing messages to be sent later. In addition, this smart email software supports various cloud services, comprising iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

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