12 Remote Jobs Paying at Least $30 Per Hour

These days, job advertisements including work-from-home opportunities have become rare and endangered. While everyone wants one, it’s getting harder and harder to find.

Still, there are well-paying, completely remote jobs available if you want to quit living paycheck to paycheck. These 12 positions pay over thirty dollars per hour and have the option of working remotely.

12 Remote Jobs Paying at Least $30 Per Hour

Software developer

Hourly median wage: $62.00

New software applications are created and tested by software developers. For these positions, a bachelor’s degree and competence in pertinent programming languages are usually prerequisites.

This is a lucrative career that can improve your financial well-being.

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This company communicates with the IRS directly, in contrast to most tax companies who just put you on a payment plan and file your taxes for you. They may be able to lower the amount you owe you and help you pay off your tax burden more quickly.

Project Manager

Hourly median salary: $46.00

For major projects, project managers are in charge of personnel, timetables, budgets, and other specifics.

Information technology, healthcare, construction management, and other areas are all included in this title. Most of the time, a bachelor’s degree in project management or business is required.


Hourly average salary: $38.00

Reconciling a company’s financial ledgers is the responsibility of accountants. They also assist with tax filing, audits, and other financial responsibilities.

This is a work that can be done from home because the most of it is done on a computer. Typically, a bachelor’s degree and certification are needed for accounting.

Analyst for cybersecurity

Hourly average salary: $54.00

Cybersecurity analysts, also known as “white-hat hackers,” attempt to identify weaknesses and openings in a company’s computer network or computer security system before hackers do.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline is required for these positions. Moreover, certifications can make you more marketable as a cybersecurity analyst.

Marketing Manager

Hourly average pay: $68.00

The task of managing a company’s marketing campaigns includes planning, organizing, and carrying them out.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related discipline is frequently required for this position. A graduate degree in business could help boost one’s career.

Underwriter for insurance

Hourly average salary: $37.00

After reviewing insurance applications and evaluating each client for possible risk, insurance underwriters make the decision to approve or reject the application.

Typically, underwriters require a bachelor’s degree. Nevertheless, with an associate degree and enough job experience, it is possible to enter into this business, unlike many other professions on this list.

Network architect for computers

Hourly average salary: $61.00

The data networks that underpin an organization’s computer infrastructure are designed and built by computer network architects.

A bachelor’s degree and prior experience in a comparable position, like network and computer systems administrator, are usually prerequisites for employment as computer network architects.

Technical author

Hourly average wage: $42.00

Technical writers create assembly instructions, technical notes, instruction manuals, and other papers to assist clients or staff in navigating complicated workflows.

A lot of technical writers hold degrees in relevant fields. But this might not be required if you have a sizable writing portfolio.

An expert in human resources

Hourly average salary: $37.00

Human resource professionals handle employment interviews, find new hires, and assist workers with setting up and accessing benefits.

These workers might also mediate conflicts that arise between coworkers or between staff and management. Typically, this job demands a bachelor’s degree.

Sales Manager

Hourly average salary: $76.0

Sales managers are responsible for closing deals on goods and services across multiple industries.

Though not absolutely required, having a bachelor’s degree in business or a related discipline is beneficial, especially if you have sales experience.

financial Advisor

Hourly wage median: $46.00

Financial advisors provide retirement planning, estate planning, and investment optimization services.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree as well as additional certifications are typically needed for these roles.


Hourly average wage: $124.00

Psychiatrists assess, identify, and manage mental health conditions, frequently using medicine.

While the majority of psychiatrists work in clinics, hospitals, or offices, others treat patients remotely through telehealth sessions, which gives them the flexibility to work from home.

You need to finish medical school, mental medical residency, and a bachelor’s degree in order to become a psychiatrist. This job’s great compensation can truly help you advance financially.

In conclusion

Jobs that allow employees to work from home are in great demand and receive a lot of applications. Their rarity sets them apart from certain other roles.

However, if you are persistent, the roles are available. Hence, if you’re searching for remote employment that pays well enough to increase your wealth, think about pursuing one of the professions on our list.

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