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15 Hidden Smartphone Features That Will Easily Improve Your Life

The capabilities of smartphones are incredible; they are not limited to texting and making calls. To make your life easier, more productive, and more enjoyable, they are also brimming with hidden features. Without an App, Scan QR Codes QR codes are becoming commonplace on everything from restaurant menus to product labels. Some may provide coupons, …

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The Top Camera Phones You Can Purchase in 2024

The best camera is always the one you have with you, as the cliché goes. Smartphones have consequently evolved into necessary pieces of equipment. They assist in chronicling our lives and provide us with a glimpse into current events. The greatest smartphone camera, according to most users, must have enough resolution for images to be …

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Must-Have Learning Apps For Engineering Students

Afore mobiles are useful just to make calls, sending and receiving messages but now smartphone has become an important part of our life because of it’s versatile and proficient of doing a lot more especially for engineering students. Students no need to take huge books as there are many apps for engineering students. So, students …

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Amazing Features Of iOS 11

amazing features of iOS 11

You can change your everyday usage of iPad and iPhone by using the features of iOS 11. The update allows you to place apps side by side, just circlet your live pictures and turn on Don’t Disturb while driving. The iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 Plus will ship with the new OS. Good news …

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How to Get Free Wi-Fi Access Anywhere You Go

Now free public wi-fi access points going up in many places around the world. They are becoming more useful when traveling and you no need to pay for international mobile data. Here you can find some tips to find wi-fi point on the go, whether you travelling to other city or travelling to foreign countries.

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Easy Way To Remove Virus From Your Android Device

Remove virus from mobile

There are many Android phone and tablet users all over the world. Of course you know it is an MOS (mobile operating system) and some virus can corrupt your data. Yet, if you feel that your mobile / tab have been infected, then you no need to fear because it is not a big issue. …

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Way To Fix HTC Phone Not Turning On Or Charging.

Fix HTC phone not turning on or charging

You are not able to charge your HTC phone? HTC phone not turning on or not charging is a very common problem that HTC users facing now and then. If your phone suddenly goes off or does not get charged or not turned on even after getting charged and screen remains black. LED light not …

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