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7 Things You Can Do While Talking On iPhone

When you are having an interesting / important conversation with someone, but you need to do other works simultaneously on your iPhone? Yes, you can. Do you know what are the things you can do when you are on call? Following are the things you can do simultaneously while attending the call. Connect Another Call: …

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Google Maps Will Now Display Speed Limits And Camera Locations On iPhone and Android

Now Google has come with a great feature and started testing in Brazil, San Francisco, and Rio de Janeiro. SEE ALSO: The speed limit feature in Google will display the max speed for that road that drivers are crossing in the left side (lower) of the app. Google maps will show the locality of …

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How To Relegate From iOS 11 To iOS 10 On iPhone Or iPad

Through iOS betas, we all have advantages of trying the apples newest operating system. As Apple offering a choice to test the beta to the entire public, and also offering a choice to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3 or current version of OS. If you are not satisfied with the new version you …

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