The most effective mobile security software for iOS and Android

Mobile gadgets are increasingly common. A whopping most of users of the internet conduct online searches on their mobile devices. People will start investing in mobile technologies instead of computers as more apps are developed for them. Even social media apps are only available through a mobile device, not a computer.

Increasingly hackers are changing their targets as mobile devices like smartphones become increasingly prevalent. In the past, both Mac and Windows devices were the main targets of cyberattacks. However, they now aim for cellphones running Android and iOS.

The most effective mobile security software for iOS and Android

Mobile Device Cyberattacks

The most frequent cyber danger experienced by mobile users is malware infestation. 80 – 90% percent of malware assaults are sent via email. Therefore, individuals who are unaware of the appearance of a phishing email click on the dangerous link.

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Android-based mobile devices made up 98% of the targets for mobile malware. Meanwhile, 2% of cyberattacks target iOS users. However, this does not imply that iOS devices are unprotected.

The rise in Android device attacks is a result of the growing user base. As there are far more Android users than iOS, hackers target these devices.

Therefore, you must always keep your phone secure, whether it is an iOS or Android device. To protect yourself from new and existing threats, use the best mobile security software for iOS and Android devices.

The best mobile security apps for iOS and Android

Microsoft Mobile Security

Two versions of Bitdefender mobile security are available. It produces faultless virus prevention with minimal system effect.

Bitdefender’s mobile security can safeguard iPads, tablets, and smartphones. It defends against a variety of dangers, including malware, viruses, and ransomware. Accounts are properly secured in order to protect sensitive data like passwords, addresses, and credit card details.

Bitdefender has a VPN with 200 MB of bandwidth each day for iOS and Android. One of the drawbacks of Bitdefender mobile safety is that it is limited. But if you only use it sometimes to access private data, 200 MB per day is sufficient.

Both provide a scanning tool to find out whether a danger is present on the device. You may even check to see if a data breach has affected your online accounts. It will alert the user and suggest actions if your data has been made public online.

Android users get better features from Bitdefender Mobile Security than iOS users do. Tools for Anti-theft, App Lock, and Autopilot are available to Android users. However, Bitdefender is easy to use on both iOS and Android devices.

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The greatest alternative for protecting multiple devices, including Windows and Mac, is Bitdefender Total Protection.

McAfee Security

McAfee offers bundles for many devices or single ones. It comprises particular security software designed exclusively for mobile devices.

Comprehensive capabilities like VPN, Wi-Fi protection, and secure web browsing are available through McAfee Security. You may use your phone and browse websites because McAfee protects all actions from fraudsters and unauthorized users.

Malware that can steal data and private information is completely protected from Android and iOS.

When connected to a public Wi-Fi or hotspot, the built-in VPN gives military-grade security and encryption. By utilizing an IP address from a different region or server, it conceals the original IP address. In addition to shielding data from spies, you can, if necessary, access geo-restricted information.

To determine whether your data and device are secure, McAfee mobile security offers a Protection Score. It offers steps to do in order to reach a score of 100, which indicates that your device is completely safe from dangers.

In addition to checking for viruses and threats, you may look for system upgrades, security holes in the device, malicious activity on your Wi-Fi network, and system vulnerabilities.

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McAfee offers dark web monitoring services to see whether your email, phone number, or credit card number has been disclosed on the dark web, just like Norton 360 does. When it recognizes any of your information, it also offers treatments. Up to 10 email addresses can be scanned.

Downloading McAfee Security from the iOS App Store and Google’s Play Store is free. But you’ll have to pay if you want to receive a perfect score or use every feature.

Norton 360

Although Norton does provide separate iOS and Android security apps, the Norton 360 is still the best overall Norton bundle. It is a comprehensive security program that guards against threats to your device.

Operating systems for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows may all be secured.

It provides an additional level of security for both phone operating systems. The prestigious mobile security guards against viruses, spyware, ransomware, and scams. It offers exceptional security when conducting online financial transactions and shopping.

Offering a free VPN is Norton 360. Depending upon the Norton 360 package that you select, it can cover a certain number of devices.

It detects for suspicious activity even on a private network connection in addition to safeguarding your files or activities when utilizing public Wi-Fi.

You can browse webpages and links because they are checked for malicious and fake websites. It functions in any browser that the users like. Therefore, it is simple to spot phishing emails and texts to prevent divulging crucial information.

Monitoring data on the dark web is accessible and offers procedures to follow in the event that data is hacked.

The LifeLock Select and LifeLock Ultimate Plus Norton 360 packages are the two available options. Both versions are OS and device compatible.

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However, Norton Mobile Security for iOS or Android is an option if you only need to protect one device. Both the Apple software Store and the Google Play Store provide the software for free.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

There are many names for the Kaspersky mobile security for Android and iOS. The Google Play Store offers a security app for Android called Kaspersky Protection with VPN. The Kaspersky web safety package is also offered for other devices. Meanwhile, Kaspersky Security Cloud and VPN is the name of the iOS version.

However, despite the nomenclature variations, two of these Kaspersky mobile versions provide essentially the same functions.

Kaspersky enables automatic scanning for risks, regardless of the type of online danger that might be present. Once found, it is going to be isolated and eliminated. The iOS version contains a cloud-based scanning feature that protects the device without affecting it. However, scanning on iOS and Android doesn’t impact overall performance.

If a gadget is lost, you can control it from your PC My Kaspersky account. You can remote erase data or find the lost device.

Kaspersky will automatically run in the background while using the internet or clicking a link in an email or SMS to determine whether it is secure. To prevent phishing websites from stealing important information, it immediately disables them.

A VPN is not accessible on the Android version. For anonymous web browsing and access to geo-restricted material, iOS also comes with a VPN utility. An app lock function is provided by Android security to protect apps that house sensitive data. The Kaspersky Total Safety package is for you if you want to secure several systems and gain access to extra features.

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AVG Mobile Security

AVG provides distinct security for iOS and Android devices. However, you can purchase security solutions like AVG Ultimate that can safeguard different operating systems.

Websites are checked by AVG mobile security for dangers, fake links to Wi-Fi networks, and other things. With a VPN, accessing the internet is secure, and password-protected private photos are available.

AVG is a master of keeping the efficiency of the gadget at its peak in addition to safeguarding critical data. It eliminates pointless tasks and liberates storage space.

The anti-theft feature of the antivirus for Android allows you to track down a stolen device, lock the screen, snap a screenshot, activate a siren, or remotely erase the content. Additionally, an Android application can be locked to protect its private messages, data, images, and other contents.

In order to monitor online sites and determine whether your information has been compromised or exposed, iOS mobile security has AVG Identity Protection.

Avira Mobile Security

Users of Android and iOS devices can benefit from Avira’s cutting-edge mobile security protection. In addition to other things, it offers internet security, threat detection, and password management.

Avira can safeguard your personal data from malicious websites and fraud whether you enjoy online banking or shopping. You can browse without fear of your info being viewed.

Avira’s VPN has a daily bandwidth cap of 100 MB, which may be a problem for those that require more than 100 MB of anonymous browsing. However, this VPN is sufficient for individuals who only need to access to the internet briefly and with a little amount of data.

The following are other characteristics that both Android and iOS have in common:

• Web protection, both of which are included in the pro plan.

• Identity Safeguard, which can determine if private information has been hacked.

• Anti-theft software that can remotely erase data or find missing devices.

With your iOS devices, you can block obnoxious calls and backup contacts to the cloud. By terminating pointless processes, deleting superfluous files, and making space available, you can increase Android device speed.

Android features like camera and microphone security are available in the Pro edition.


The features of almost all mobile security apps for iOS and Android are the same. A couple of tools are the only thing that differ. They all serve the same objective, which is to safeguard your device from online dangers that could harm it or steal your data.

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