Tips for Increasing Volume and Improving Sound Quality in Android

A high-quality speaker is a requirement for smartphones for individuals who are music enthusiasts! It can be difficult to locate a smartphone with good sound quality, or more specifically, an amazing audio output, just as it is impossible to discover the ideal smartphone. If you are forced to purchase a smartphone on a tighter budget, the problem will only become worse. There’s something you can do, though. You can follow some advice to enhance sound quality and boost volume in an Android device by studying your smartphone and the numerous aspects affecting its sound output. So, should we begin with the advice?

Tips for Increasing Volume and Improving Sound Quality in Android

Tips for Better Sound Quality and Increasing Volume in Android

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Switch Music Players

There is a built-in music player on every smartphone that you can utilize. It is the one that the developer specifically designed for various devices. However, some producers now days make Google Play Music the standard music player. Try using a different music app on your device to change the quality of the music being played back.

On the Play Store of Google, you may find some great music players, like Poweramp, some of which are paid. It should be noted that the music player ought to offer you with improved equaliser and sound output control.

Pick a Speaker

The speakers are getting smaller every day, just like smartphones! You may not be able to locate the larger grills where the speakers are located, unlike in the past. Different manufacturers employ various speaker types. Some people employ grilled speakers, whilst other device manufacturers prefer tiny speakers. The issue with speaker grills that little is that you might not see them.

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Your finger may therefore accidentally land on any of those speakers. Of obviously, this will have a detrimental impact on the sound output, so protesting is pointless. Knowing whether your mobile device contains a rear-facing or front-facing speaker is therefore crucial. You would have to keep your fingers crossed in that case. By the way, there’s a few techniques you may use to improve output volume and sound quality. For instance, the reflections would have a little bit more bass if the speaker were placed closer to the corner. Overall, you would wind up with superior sound output. You can locate a few other lifehacks for powerful sound production in a similar way. If you reside in a dusty environment, for example, you should make the effort to see if the sound is impacted by the dust buildup.

Cases May Be Risky

You might use a separate protective cover for your smartphone for added protection or other reasons. In extremely rare circumstances, your device’s speaker grills may be hidden by these protective cases. It goes without saying that, if this is the case, the output of audio will be harmed and in no way satisfactory.

For instance, it was claimed that Spigen cases for smartphones covered the microphone. Therefore, if you believe that the audio output of your smartphone is significantly insufficient, you ought to attempt playing the music once more after removing the case. If your phone has miniscule speaker grills, as mentioned above, this frequently occurs.

Customize Your Android Phone

You may root an Android smartphone to enhance sound quality in addition to the other amazing features it offers. Of course, you’ll need to utilize a few modifications or programs. Yet, even if you do, the results will be so fantastic that you won’t look back and regret what you did. Additionally, certain custom ROMs—Mokee, which I’ve tried once—have built-in equalizers that enhance the output.

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A further equalizer

The majority of Android smartphones we encounter lack an internal equalizer. will only be able to use the built-in music player app, even when an equalizer is available. Therefore, if you are unable to obtain a suitable equalization, even if you are able to obtain a third-party music player, your efforts will be in naught.

Therefore, it is better to purchase a third-party EQ prior to continuing with the process of increasing sound output. Two of the most effective equalizer programs you can find are Bass Booster and Music Volume EQ.

Invest in some quality earphones.

Let’s face it: speakers aren’t always the best for music, if not never! If you discover that the aforementioned suggestions have no effect on the output and sound quality, you should consider purchasing a set of excellent earphones for your phone. Along with using an enhanced EQ and related tools, certain speakers can malfunction, forcing you to quit up. Then, it will be ideal to pick a standout earphone or headphone, which may also be a pricey item. However, it isn’t a loss if you need fantastic quality, you know.


These are some recommendations for enhancing sound quality and volume on an Android device. What remedy do you have for the diminished volume and sound quality of Android smartphones? We are curious about the strategies you employ that work.

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