Essential Apps: 12 Apps You Definitely Need for Your Phone

Everyone uses a smartphone these days, and their life are reliant on them. Your daily existence now revolves around phones, from the alarm clocks you use to the cashless apps you use to make purchases. These are a few essential apps that you should have on your smartphone with Android.

Essential Apps: 12 Apps You Definitely Need for Your Phone

Google Authenticator

Through the creation of a safe and secure location for all of your passwords, includes your two-factor authenticator codes, Google Authenticator enhances the digital security of your phone. Better code management is possible, and you have the option to add extra accounts as needed.

With an anti-screenshot feature to prevent account theft, this security program provides its own set of security measures.

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The developer of TikTok, Bytedance, also made the software CapCut. It is intended to assist you in producing video material, such as polished video resumes and daily vlogs.

With an incredible database of stock audio and video assets, CapCut is a dependable video editor. For convenience, you can also utilize the app’s video templates. A video edit that takes hours will just take minutes with this software.


You can use SurfShark, a virtual private network (VPN), to shield your devices with internet access from hackers and prying eyes. It ensures that your privacy is preserved by hiding your IP address and online activities. The fact that its VPN connections are global makes it difficult to track.

SurfShark can be used on an infinite number of devices, and you are in charge of selecting the VPN network you choose to use. Netflix offers a variety of foreign television series that are not typically available in your country.


Tasker is a smartphone application that facilitates the efficient completion of daily duties. Even though it might not finish the job at hand, it automates many of the activities that come with modern living. It indicates what should be done after a specific activity triggers it. For instance, your phone may recommend running a music-playing app while your headphones are plugged in.

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The recommended app for language learners is called Duolingo. Lessons are divided into manageable chunks to prevent students from becoming overwhelmed. You will begin lessons by increasing your vocabulary to the point where you can put sentences together if the platform is easy to use.

You may explore several different languages on the app, including French, Italian, German, and yes, even Klingon.


Whether it’s a computer, phone, or table, Pushbullet is a file-sharing tool that makes it easy to move data between devices. To move files from one device to another, all you have to do is make sure the app is installed on each.

A companion app is available if you want to use the app on your PC, and you can even buy a Google Chrome plugin to make the transfers easier.

Copy me that

The Copy Me That app is ideal for you if you enjoy making delicious meals at home. You can duplicate recipes from the internet and make the dishes your own way. Make a meal plan and shopping list in addition to classifying and grouping the recipes according to your preferences.

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Your Phone companion

Microsoft developed a mobile app called Your Phone Companion that allows you to connect your Windows 10 PC to your Android phone. This enables you to browse through photos, send and receive text messages, and even set alerts for your smartphone directly from your computer. Your phone may send text messages while it’s charging.


MyFitnessPal is a healthcare tracker that has an activity tracker and calorie counter built in. It can help you lose weight by using the traditional method of counting calories. It contains a large food library for reference as well as a barcode scanner that makes tracking your diet easier. It also suggests experimenting with various workouts and regimens.

Messages by Google

Google’s answer to Apple’s iMessage is called Messages by Google. Although Pixel phones come with the app pre-loaded, it can also be installed through the Play Store. To be more organized, you can separate personal emails from work-related ones and remove spam emails.

It has a stylish appearance that goes well with your phone and an easy-to-use user interface. It’s basically like Gmail turned into a texting app.

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With Spotify, you can legally and cost-free listen to the songs you love on a music streaming service. If you want uninterrupted music, you can upgrade to premium even though there are commercial breaks. You may even make your own playlists and subscribe to podcasts featuring your preferred Hollywood stars.

Overdrive’s Libby

For bookworms, Overdrive’s Libby app is ideal. All you need to access tens of thousands of magazines, books, and audiobooks is a library card. If you select the Kanopy app as an add-on, you also have access to a media library that includes documentaries and movies. Technically, because this app is tax-funded, any services you receive from it have already been paid for. Make the most of it for your benefit.

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