Top Nintendo Switch Games for Those Who Play Casually

With hundreds of titles accessible in its store, the Nintendo Switch games has grown to be an incredibly successful and well-liked device. The Switch’s platform boasts an enormous selection of non-Nintendo games, which has been fantastic for the casual gaming community. More people have been able to see smaller studios, and local co-op games have benefited from the Switch’s TV link capabilities. The Nintendo Switch is the ideal choice for casual gamers seeking tranquil settings, simple controls, or low-stakes puzzle solving.

Updated by Alexandra O’Leary on April 16, 2024: Nintendo has a long history in the casual gaming market. Nintendo, one of the first console manufacturers to successfully encourage family gaming, has been serving a wide range of consumers for many years. Everybody may find their ideal game on one of the Wii, DS, or Switch platforms. While some casual players choose more whimsical and humorous games, others seek for positive vibes and limited gameplay. Not every game has to be hard and demanding, and not every player has to put in hours of effort to advance. There are several options available on the Nintendo Switch for individuals who prefer to pick up a game in their free time and start having fun right away.

Dave the Diver – a phenomenal sushi chef by night and a diver by day.

2023’s June 28 release of Dave the Diver, Developed by Mintrocket; Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Dave the Diver appeared out of nowhere in the independent gaming scene and quickly gained popularity among a wide range of players. It creates a genre-defying, incredibly entertaining game by fusing management and simulation with exploration and adventure.

Take a dive in the Blue Hole’s glistening blue sea during the day. Serve creative sushi to a diverse clientele at night. With this lovely and enjoyable game, there’s not much more to ask for. Players can continue to be engaged for several hours by unlocking additional content and mini-games. In the end, players will be able to oversee a sushi restaurant, cultivate their own food, raise fish, explore various sea regions, take part in festivals and culinary demonstrations, and all while bringing back an extinct species of sea creatures. Dave the Diver is a must-play for gamers who enjoy gentle, endearing games with occasional challenges.

WarioWare: Move It! – Funny, frantic games for parties

November 3, 2023, of publication, Nintendo Developer(s) Genre(s)Gathering Activity
The second WarioWare title to be launched on the Nintendo Switch is called WarioWare: Move It!, and it is the eleventh installment in the beloved party game series. With its absurd, nonsensical minigames that are certain to make players laugh, WarioWare has gained a lot of popularity as a preferred option for gatherings and parties.

Although it’s not always the greatest choice for lone players, the hectic and fast-paced gameplay is a ton of fun in a group environment. The mini-games, which WarioWare refers to as microgames, are quite enjoyable. It’s an extremely accessible option for folks who only sometimes play video games because it has cheap stakes and little difficulty, making it suitable for a wide range of players.

Snufkin: Moominvalley’s Melody – A Cozy and Adorable Adventure

Published in 2024 . Hyper Games is the developer. Adventure is the genre.
A cutesy adventure game called Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is based on the well-known Moomin universe. Encircled by the fanciful and Moominvalley, players investigate the map while Snufkin looks for Moomintroll, who has vanished unexplainably following winter.

This charming game is very beautiful and full of love. Its main lesson is to treat the Earth with love and respect, and the environment, riddles, and artwork all wonderfully convey this idea. Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is a joyful and whimsical trip with beloved childhood characters, even though it may not be the most difficult or stressful game.

Princess Peach Showtime: An Imaginative, Easy, and Fun Game

Published on March 22, 2024, Creator(s)Nintendo Type(s)Adventure-Action
The eagerly anticipated second Princess Peach-fronted Nintendo title is Princess Peach: Showtime!. Players finally get another opportunity to take on the role of Peach, the focal point of all the action, after many long years. There is no denying that Showtime has a distinct vibe from past Mario spin-offs. Wario became comfortable with ridiculous party games, but Peach’s specialty is dressing differently and becoming a multitasking expert.

Fall Guys: A Bright and Lighthearted Battle Royale

August 4, 2020, release date, Developer: Mediatonic; Genre: Platformer; Action; Battle Royale
Fall Guys had a huge amount of success when it was first launched in 2020. Its enormous multiplayer battle-royale gameplay made it the ideal choice for players during lockdown, and its selection of entertaining games has continued to grow in popularity ever since. After being purchased by Epic Games in 2022, the game was ported to the majority of popular platforms. With funny skins and game show mini-games like challenging obstacles and last-person-standing levels, Fall Guys is a fantastic, lighthearted combat royale.

It is competitive but low-stakes since each round will eliminate a specific number of players until one person emerges winner; yet, participants may start to crave that title after a few losses. In order to impede progress, players can engage with one another in-game by grabbing or toppling one another. There are team rounds for the most hilarious experience and multiplayer choices for pals to play together. Because to its charming artwork and low PvP, it’s by far the greatest battle-royale game for comfortable or casual players.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Familiar Faces Magical Adventure Game

December 5, 2023, Release Date: Life Simulation Genre, Creator(s)Playloft
A life simulation and adventure game, Disney Dreamlight Valley blends the finest elements of Disney tale with the opportunity to place the player’s vibrant persona in the center of a fantastical setting. For those who want a more serene and exploration-focused gaming experience, it’s an excellent option as well. Since the game is played in real time, players may expect the same in-game time each time they join, which can greatly enhance immersion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an excellent game for casual gamers because it has a great number of adventures to choose from and has the familiar faces of popular Disney and Pixar characters. Despite being non-linear, it’s a superb game. Characters inhabit appropriate roles throughout Dreamlight Valley, offering Disney at its most realistic level to date, making the environment a lot of fun to explore.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Playable and amiable social simulation game

Published on March 20, 2020, Developer(s): Simulation Genre(s)Animal Crossing on the Nintendo EPD is well known for being a warm and cozy game. Its sales were greatly impacted by its introduction right at the start of the epidemic. Because it is a social simulation game, it gave players the much-needed opportunity to engage, especially because it lets them visit the islands of their friends.

animal crossing new horizons

In the endearingly nice game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are asked to assist Tom Nook and Isabelle in creating a brand-new settlement on a lush island. Create your own adorable avatar, then go around the island gathering materials, engaging in conversation with different anthropomorphic inhabitants, and customizing everything from house placement to path design. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players go at their own pace, it’s a great option for any casual player searching for a low-key, serene game.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Various Game Modes & Simple Controls

Developer: Nintendo EAD, Nintendo EPD; Genre: Racing, published on April 28, 2017
Mario Kart’s inclusion on this list is hardly surprising. subsequently its debut on the SNES, the spin-off game with the popular Mario characters has been a huge hit. It has subsequently grown to include characters from Animal Crossing, Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, and more.

For players seeking an enjoyable game with simple controls and a variety of modes, this timeless title is an excellent option. Playing Grand Prix style, solo gamers can advance through the ranks or compete with others to see who is the best racer. Gamers can always try their luck with new stakes and strategies in battles if they grow bored with classic mode. Mario Kart is the ideal party game, and the Switch is an excellent system for local multiplayer gaming, much like the Wii.

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