20 Useful Technological Wonders For Your Home

The way we live is transforming every day with new inventions coming out from all over the world. These gadgets for your home will make your life easier and better.

Robot vacuum cleaners

robot vaccum cleaner to home to make work easier

Gone are the days when you needed to travel along with your vacuum cleaner to clean your house. These robots will go to every corner of every room and they don’t need your supervision.

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Clocky robotic alarm

This is the most effective alarm clock to have ever existed as it runs around the room and you have to run around behind it to shut it down every morning.

Smart Fridge

smart fridge to home

Smart fridge connects to your phone through an app and you can check your grocery list and your inventory through this app so that you can shop at the right time.


The smartwatch is a great invention that along with telling you the time, allows you to answer calls and texts and also clocks in all the activity done by you through the day.

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Wireless led light bulbs

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned lights which needed to be controlled by the buttons on the walls. These wireless bulbs can be turned on or off using an app on your smartphone.


The bediator is a heating system that gives you the best temperature as per your living. It sticks to the wall and then turns into a bed at the path of a button.

Smart faucet

Smart tap to save water

This faucet can help you save up to 56981 liters of water every year. There is no need for a tap or a valve to turn the water on it is run by motion sensors.

Wireless speakers

One of the most popular items on this list, almost everyone has a wireless speaker these days that can be connected to your phone using Bluetooth and they are pretty loud and dear.


Now there is no need to turn the light on for the entire room when you want to read a book before bed. Just turn the small book light on and you will not disturb anyone else.

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Solar-powered street light

What would be a better way to conserve energy than using energy from the sun to light up our streets and roads at night? These lights should be used all over the world.

Wireless door/window sensor

When it comes to the safety of the house, these sensors are linked to your mobile and you will detect a note anytime when some action is noticed by these sensors in your home.

Thermal leak detector

Of course, this is a significant gadget for your home as it aids to find all the leaks so you can repair the lining of your home.

Shower meter

This meter shows you the quantity of water like, how much water you have been consuming while taking shower and the temperature of it. The shower meter does not run on batteries or electricity.

Smart body analyzer

These analyzers don’t just tell you your body weight, but also show you the percentage of your body fat, your heart rate also the quality of the air you are breathing.

Reusable dryer ball

The dryer ball can be used on your clothes after a wash and these reduce the drying time of these clothes by at least 25 percent.

Motion sensor power strips

The powerstrips turn the lights on in a room only when a person enters it and turns them off once the person exits the room, helping people to save a lot of energy throughout the day.

Echo dish cleaner

The echo dish cleaner does not use water to clean your dishes but uses ultrasonic waves and turns all the waste collected into healthy soil for plants.

Stovetop safety smart knobs

This invention can help save a lot of lives, the mart knobs turn the stove off whenever they detect smoke or that the person cooking has been away from the stove for a long time.

the key finder tracker

you will never lose your keys again. Just attach this tracker to your keys and you can push a button on your phone to make the tracker ring which will give you the location of these keys.

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