Things to Consider When Purchasing Smart Blinds

Sunrises can be stunning, but not when people are attempting to get some sleep. The best smart blinds make it simple to regulate when and how external light enters a space.

With each development, life gets a little bit simpler as more and more of our daily tasks at home become routine. The blinds that enclose our windows are also improved by these developments. The best smart blinds automate how much light is let into the house as well as when it is let in.

Installation and Power

Smart blinds are a product that might benefit from a professional touch in selecting an optimal appearance and execution for your home given the significance of window treatments and natural light to interior design. Customized smart window solutions and help with selection and installation are available from businesses like Lutron and Somfy.

There are many smart blinds that you can get online and install on your own if you choose to do it yourself. Self-installation solutions don’t require electrical work or hardwiring and are typically rather easy to install. Many have a battery that can be recharged or powered by the sun as a wireless power source. Sutton says, “This is one of those situations where the earlier you plan, the better.” “You’d need the appropriate power supply to have the greatest number of possibilities.”

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According to Sutton, it is more probable that you will require anything that has been pre-wired or at least has a power supply close to the window the heavier the fabric or material, or if there are wooden slats. Therefore, installing another cable at that time will cost very little money and give you the greatest possibilities down the road if you’re remodeling or building a new house.

Optional controls

Most motorized blinds and shades can be operated with a remote control in addition to the built-in controls on the motor. The “smart” blinds we looked at are also mobile app-connected, allowing you to operate them with your smartphone and create schedules for when they should open and close on their own.

Additionally, a lot of smart blinds are touch-free thanks to the capability for voice requests from digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. However, to use this feature, you’ll need a smart speaker or other suitable device that can hear your commands, as well as, frequently, a separate smart hub that connects the shades to your wireless connection.

Smart Home Integration

For many smart blinds to work with other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings, you’ll need to buy the manufacturer’s smart hub or bridge (depending on what the blinds are compatible with). When connected to devices with thermostats, motion sensors, or geofencing, this add-on can make your blinds smarter about raising or lowering them (using your location to trigger actions like opening or closing). But even without these advantages, smart blinds can still offer lots of convenience.

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Smart blinds can be combined with lighting controls to help you wake up more naturally when your alarm goes off in the morning or to give the appearance that someone is home for security reasons, according to Sutton.

This is a technology where automation is particularly beneficial because, if desired, blinds can work virtually totally without human intervention.

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