6 Top Price Comparison Websites To Get The Best Deals

Shopping online is pretty difficult. If you really want the best deal, you generally end up checking out a bunch of websites. That’s where price comparison websites, resources, and software can support. These are advanced tools & search engines that will do a lot of hard work for you. They will compare the price of a given product between all popular retailers and niche retailers so that you can find the best deal every time without fail.

Best Price Comparison Websites

Google Shopping

Google is now one of the best online search tools, a. And with Google Shopping, to help you find the best offers, Google carries all the experience. There’s a separate landing page for Google Shopping, where you can explore sales or look for something unique. 

With the best offers highlighted in the end, Google Shopping will then show you the related search results. To view more data, such as product details and reviews, you can click on a product.

Much like Google Flights, if you’re waiting for a price drop, you can track product prices. 


Google Shopping provides a price comparison feature that lists the prices for data from all the websites that Google has scrapped (all popular shopping websites are likely to be found here). 

You should also strive to incorporate Google Shopping into the fold if you are an avid user of Google services.

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You can browse for goods, save them for afterward, monitor their prices, and track offers so that when the price and time are just right, you can make the purchase. ShopSavvy is built for mobile shoppers, and both online and offline shopping works well. Using their barcode scanner, ShopSavvy can help you shop offline. The app’s price comparison feature can help you get the best prices when it comes to shopping online.

You can see the price of the product from different retailers online, and from nearby shops once you scan a barcode. Right inside the app, you can look for items and save them for later. You will be informed by the app about price declines.

Download: ShopSavvy (iOSAndroid


BuyVia is another smartphone price comparison tool, but with a group and deal-hunting twist. BuyVia will display you a curated list of the top 10 deals of the day from major retailers including Amazon, Target, etc. 

You can also find offers highlighted by group members. And that’s at the top of the price comparison functionality you’ve come to expect from the shopping apps. You can check for and also save items in the app, and compare prices from different stores right in the app.



Shopbrain is a successful price comparison website tool designed to operate on the web (utilizing Safari extension or Chrome) or on smartphones (utilizing Android apps and iPhone). 

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Shopbrain Browser Extension works automatically and lets you find prices from various famous retailers. Shopbrain ‘s expansion is quick and well planned, but its list of benefits retailers leaves much to be desired.

Although the app claims it displays prices from retailers including Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. we couldn’t get clear results from Best Buy and eBay in our tests (although some of the further resources on this list functioned fine).


PriceBlink is an old website price comparison market, and it has been going strong since 2010. The website operates as a search engine for coupons. But the PriceBlink plugin for Chrome and Firefox is what you’ll be interested in. The plugin of PriceBlink displays a banner at the top of the page when it detects offers for the product that you’re actually looking at. Our information is almost always effective in seeking a better deal. 

There is a comprehensive library of sources at PriceBlink and it displays the results from Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Adorama, Office Depot etc.

Download: PriceBlink (Google ChromeMozilla Firefox)


Honey was among the most popular online money-saving instruments available. Via submitting coupons and discovering discounts from various stores, the Honey extension has helped users save more than a billion dollars. 

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While Honey is popular for its coupon service, its extension and website also have a sophisticated price tracking tool built into it. On Amazon, the extension works. If you’re looking at the best deal or if there is a cheaper alternative available, it will tell you.

You’ll be able to check for items after you sign up on the Honey price comparison website. For several famous and niche retailers, Honey will then show you search results. Honey is throwing quite a large net. Results from locations such as eBay and smaller retailers such as the Factory Outlet Store can be found.

Amazon Assistant

For users of Amazon Prime, Amazon Assistant is the ideal shopping companion. You can use this extension to instantly know the price of any product on Amazon if you mostly purchase from Amazon. 

Amazon Assistant gets to work when you visit a product page online (or even when you are looking for a product online).

If the item is available on Amazon, you can see a panel slide from the right, showing you the price of the item on Amazon, along with the price history (if you can wait a while, the Amazon price tracking feature is very useful for bargain hunting). 

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the United Kingdom, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera operate on Amazon Assistant. It is currently available in the United States, Canada, India, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, and Mexico.

For International Users:

Just about all the tools as well as extensions we listed above work with popular retail websites in international versions (they should work with Amazon UK, Australia, and so on). But if you’re looking for specialized price comparison websites (for example, while you’re planning to import things) for non-US nations, take a look at the following choices.

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