Best Ways to Automate your WordPress Website and Workflow

WordPress a leading content management systems have made managing websites far easier, but remember there are certain things which you need to do manually out of the box, Like publishing content, security/malware scans, database backups, performing backups and more.

Luckily, some of WordPress’ inherent features and added plugins can foster automate your day-to-day website tasks and workflow. Let’s take a closer look!


Easy Ways to Automate your WordPress Website

Best Ways to Automate your WordPress Website and Workflow

Scheduling Posts

If you are producing or blogging a content website, then you must devote time in publishing your posts. But, what if you develop a accumulation of content that you need to publish at fixed intervals or you have located an appropriate time of a day to drive out your content?

Thenceforth, you must start planning your posts in advance. Luckily, WordPress already has this inbuilt feature. All you have to do is just alter the publish time and date in the box on the righthand side of each post editing page.

If it is not enough for you, there are lot of plugins with more innovative programming features.

Automatic Updates

In WordPress, if there is any new version is available to update it will alert you in the Admin panel and you have other option too, like it updates automatically.This is really a helpful solution most of people like it and you no need to bother about approving updates or doing it manually.


Conversely, you may need to step a bit more cautiously when utilizing the automatic theme and plug-in renews, as these can occasionally wash your content or alterations. For an instance, if you have included a group of code to your theme folders and you aren’t utilizing any ‘child themes,’ you might end up devouring to fix it all again if the theme is robotically updated.

Backing up Your Site

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you running and on whatsoever platform, it is significant to do backups in case there is a safety break or something else drives incorrect. You need a neat copy to re-upload.

You can do this in different backups from inside WordPress manually or you can likewise do this web host from server side if you have access.

There are some plugins, like UpdraftPlus and BackupBuddy that can do backups robotically.

Image Optimization

If you are uploading a lot of pictures in your content, you possibly have an optimum height or at least width. You also possibly don’t need to waste a portion of bandwidth with big image file sizes.

But there is a way to tackle these troubles is to use a robotic image optimization plugin likeEWWW Image Optimizeror WP Smush.

Already WordPress lets users to use different sizes by default and it also has add ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags to each of your pictures you upload. 

If you are specifically worried about bandwidth and site-load rate, you may ponder a full-blown caching system like W3 Total Cache WP Super Cache.


Social Media Sharing

Sharing new wordpress posts in all social media platform is a big task and takes lot of time too. But now you can save your time by using this auto sharing plugins.

AccessPress Social AutoPost is one of the best wide-ranging choices, but it does need you to pay a one-off fee. It allows you to linkage all of your main social media accounts and state which contented  wish to auto-share founded on your selected factors (like sharing from one particular category etc). You can also schedule accurately the periods you like posts to be shared.

Note: there are some premium plugins which is very expensive, so you may need to think of taking out an instant approval loan if you do not have the funds forthright.

Comment Moderation

Of course, wordpress doing a great work of filtering out spam comments robotically, but if you are looking for more choices, Disqus is a great tool with advanced blacklisting settings, it also combines social media engagement and is fewer of a stress for users, who can login to Disqus across manifold sites pretty than taking an account on your website precisely.

Are you running a WordPress Website and have more automated your day-to-day tasks? Let us discern how in the comments below!

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