Tips To Increase The Safety Of Your WordPress Blog

Security is must for wordpress powered websites because hackers often target for the wordpress powered websites. Even my websites was hacked few months back and now my website is safe. Here I am sharing some best plugins which helps to protect your wordpress blog.


First you need to do some simple things. Keep updating your wordpress theme, Update plugins, and change your password often.

When my website was hacked, I immediately contacted my hosting company, First, they advised me to do above steps then,  they asked me to install some security plugins to keep my website safe from hackers. Following are some best security plugins. contains some security plugins to monitor your wordpress powered website constantly.

Security plugins for wordpress blog:

Wordfence security: This is a very powerful security plugin. Using this plugin you can scan your website daily or alternative days (as your wish), it will do comparison between your wordpress core files and orginal files, it will list out problematic contents and plugins,  It also locks out a user who attempts many unsuccessful logins.

Exploit scanner This plugin will scan all your blog posts and wordpress files and it will list if any malicious code was found. It also detects if any spam links secreted in your blog via IFRAMES and CSS.

Wp Notifier: If you are busy person and not able to login often to your wordpress blog then this plugin is for you. It will send you an email notification whenever new updates are available.

WordPress back up to drop box: Install a plugin on your wordpress site that would create backups   on a regular basis and send them to your dropbox account. This way, you can always have your own backups and restore your site at any point you want.

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