Best Websites To Learn And Develop Your Programming Skill

Are you keen to learn programming? If your answer is YES, find few websites below which offer you free courses in assortment of programming language.  You can also find the list of ebooks which help you more in understanding of the languages, it is also free.

websites to learn coding

List of websites to Develop Programming Skill


  • Online courses and screencasts: Learn street code, code avengers, combat.
  • Programming books: Eloquesnt Javascript, Speaking JS, Javascript guide,  JS the right.


  • Online courses and screencasts: Don’t Fear The Internet, Tutsplus, Code Academy, Learn Layout, Dash, Web Accessibility, A to Z CSS, The Hello World,Khan Academy, HTML5 from Scratch.
  • Programming books: Learn jQuery,  jQuery Fundamentals.


  • Online courses and screencasts: Google, Code Academy, Python Tutor, Learn Street,  IHeartPY
  • Programming Books: Learn Python the Hard Way, Python for You and Me,  Think Python, Python for Fun, Dive into Python, Django, Tango with Django.


  • Online courses and screencast: A to Z, Code Academy,  Tutsplus, Learn Layout,  CSS, Web Accessibility, Dash,  The Hello World, Khan Academy, HTML5 from Scratch, Don’t Fear The Internet
  • Programming books: HTML & CSS, Mozilla, 20 Things I Learned, Dive into HTML5, DOM Enlightenment, HTML5 for Designers, HTML Canvas, HTML Dog.


  • Online courses and screencast: Code Academy
  • Programming Books: Practical PHP, PHP Programming.


  • Online courses & screencast: Coding Bat, java, Learn Java, Learneroo, udemy.
  • Programming books: Java & CS, Thinking in Java, Programming in Java, Java for python Devs, O’Reilly learning, Think Java.

Android App development:

  • Online Courses & screencast: Udacity (Google developers), google university, code learn, app inventor (visual), development essential, the new boston, courser.
  • Programming books: Java & CS, Thinking in Java, Programming in Java, Java for python Devs, O’Reilly learning, Think Java.


  • Online courses & screencast: SQL at Stanford, Intro to SQL, PHP & MySQL, SQL for nerds, Essential SQL, SQL zoo, SQL bolt.

SQL (database):

  • Online courses Screencast: Intro to SQL,  SQL at Stanford, SQL for nerds, PHP & MySQL, Essential SQL, SQL bolt, SQL zoo.

Linux and Shell Scripting:

  • Online courses & screencast: and explain shell
  • Programming book: Conquer the command line.

Google script:

  • Online courses & screencast: Getting started, office hours, Google scripts examples, learning app script.


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