Best and Cool Tricks To Maintain Your Mac

It’s very lucky that Apple has been able to release Mac a sleek suite of computers that works as long as you’re getting care of it properly. However, equivalent to many other gadgets and computers, the Mac can also be vulnerable to regular computer wear and tear. However, you’re never going to go wrong with the decision to buy a Mac machine, but to ensure its durability, here are some simple tricks to keep your Mac running.

Perform a data backup regularly

Mac, along with a variety of other devices, is often susceptible to slowdowns or hard drive issues. This may result in loss of data and other problems that may put your data at risk. The first step in ensuring that your Mac performs according to its requirements is to perform a daily backup of your files. There are many ways to back up your data today, and maybe the best way to do so will be to directly plug in an external hard drive and also save your files.

Best and Cool Tricks To Maintain Your Mac

You may also choose to use a cloud-based service to back up your records. The best thing about this is that if you already have a backup of your data from a variety of other sources, you can remove your files from your Mac machine by releasing some of its memory to boost its efficiency. You can also use software to make ensure that files and programmes on your Mac that are not used over a certain amount of time are either preserved or mopped up.

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There’s a fair chance these apps will slow down your machine. Article ‘CleanMyMac X Review (2019): The Best Mac Cleaning App? “Take a look at the specifics of a number of applications that make sure your Mac is in top condition. The applications included in the CleanMyMac X suite include those for handling hard drives, an uninstaller, and a wizard for archiving unused applications, among others. Optimize on this tech suite to maximise the use of your Mac.


Cleaning up your old files is another great way to make sure your Mac is running at its best. This is particularly true when you own a slicker Mac with less hard disc space. The more files that are installed on your Mac, the slower your machine gets. A good rule of thumb is to always leave at least 10 percent of your hard disc space free and if possible, make sure that you’re free.

Minimize services running in the background

Besides the backing up your data and cleaning up your files, it is also best to minimise the services running in the background to ensure that your Mac is up to date. Several background programmes can slow down your computer as well. Your printers, Bluetooth capabilities, cloud-based services, and other programmes that rely on your Internet access are all running in the background of your computer. More programmes running means a slower processing capability on your Mac.It is also best to close programmes that are not currently in use to ensure that your device is operating at an optimal processing speed.

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As often as not, merely pressing the ‘X’ button on the top right of the programme screen is not enough to shut down the programme completely. This may result in more programmes running in the background, without you being aware of it. It’s better to close the programmes you’re doing from their menu, usually at the top left of the programme page.As a result of a well terminated programme, you would be able to set aside most of the system resources that will ultimately lead to improved system performance.

Declutter your desktop

In addition to eliminating all the utilities running in the background of your machine, it is also best to delete your desktop and leave only a few icons of programmes that you regularly use. This is because the more icons you have on your screen, the more likely your computer will be slow and slow. Each icon on your desktop requires some space in your computer’s RAM, or random access memory.

Run your Mac’s disc utility

Every Mac machine has a built-in disc utility programme . It’s best to run this programme a few times a year to ensure the health of your computer’s hard disc. The disc utility programme is mounted on your system as a means of restoring your disc permissions, and as a means of repairing the disc itself. More often than not, this programme is run only when a user has already experienced a compromised hard disc, so it’s better to run your Mac disc utility for health and protection tests.

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Leverage on anti-virus and anti-malware software

Just like any other device, Macs are often likely to be infected with viruses and bugs that may corrupt your data, or worse that may require your computer to be reformatted. In order to stop this situation, it is best to instal a reputable company’s antivirus or anti-malware programme. While there are software programmes that are open source and freely available for you all to download, then there are those that comes with a fee.

Therefore the amount you pay is good enough to justify it because the latter boasts premium features that ensure your Mac’s protection from hackers, spammers, and all other malicious individuals. A Mac is a fantastic machine that will last for a few years after you get it out of the box. However this means the need for you to confirm that your Mac is very well maintained so that it can be used for longer periods of time. However a Mac is also considered a successful buy.

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