How to Use Instagram Live?

Instagram was among the most influential social media sites of all ages. It is estimated that about one billion people use Instagram every month. This involves adding photos to their profiles, browsing photos on their feeds, and making Instagram stories. 

But perhaps the most recent feature a huge number of people are using is Instagram Live. In reality, this could be a lot of fun, and also a good way to connect with celebrities, famous personalities, and businesses. Let’s learn more about Instagram Live and how to use it. 


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What is Instagram Live?

First of all, you’re going to want to know exactly what Instagram Live is. Basically, it is a new feature that functions in the same way as Instagram Stories. Of course, just as the name suggests, you’re going to be streaming your videos live, and other users would be able to watch it. Your Instagram Live will show up the same way that your Stories do.

 In other words, if users following you, they will see your Instagram Live at the top of their feed. There’s a unique ‘live’ icon that appears. All they need to do is tap the thumbnail, and this will show your live video. 

Why is it famous with Instagram Live? 

One thing that a lot of celebrities and companies do is that when you use Instagram Live, you’re going to show up first on Instagram Stories. This ensures that users can see you around the top of their screen and are therefore more likely to see your updates. It’s almost like you don’t have to think about the Instagram algorithm anymore. Instead, you can use this feature to show up on the user feed first. For example, if you want to let your customers know about a new product you have, you can use Instagram Live and note it. 

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Another cool thing about this feature is that you can send a message when you go online. This will allow a wider audience to listen to your live broadcast. What’s more, by clicking on your broadcast, your audience will connect with you. They’re able to give you suggestions and ask you questions. For instance, if you’re talking about betting odds, you can see what everybody feels about them, and also what discussion happens at the time.

If you know your audience skipped your Instagram Live, you don’t have to think about it. It’s not going to be gone forever. Instead, you should simply upload it back to your Instagram Posts. This ensures that users would be able to access it for the next 24 hours if they miss it. So, after your broadcast has finished, you can still spread your word.

Don’t forget that consumers currently tend to watch brand videos rather than read content. Indeed, many people have a limited range of attention; it has long been understood that a visitor to the website would linger for less than ten seconds if the website does not impress at first glance. This means that you’ve got to work on ways to catch their attention.

Instagram Live can be a means to perform this and it’s worth it.

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