The 5 Best Virtual White Board Apps

A virtual white board app lets you build a presentation for your subordinate and colleagues to discuss the strategies and plans in real-time by drawing sketches and graphs and haring it online. There are many virtual whiteboard apps some of the bests are mentioned below, you can select as per your requirement.

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Top 5 Virtual White Board Apps

The 5 Best Virtual White Board Apps


ezTalk meeting app is the best virtual whiteboard apps which support audio conferencing and video conferencing and whiteboard presentations to share info with other partakers.

This app is really very interactive so it’s quite easy for everyone to be a part of it. A post-it features in this app lets all participants post their comments on your presentation. Also, you can invite as many participants as you want.

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AWW App is a Mac virtual whiteboard app, it has both free limited features or paid one to utilize in details. It’s quite easy to use this advanced whiteboard app, just log in to your account to use this whiteboard for secretive works. It also lets you utilize PC or smartphone to call other members. By using its dotted grids to draw graphs or drawings and delete errors by utilizing the Undo feature.

Whiteboard Fox

If you like to utilize a virtual whiteboard app without any type of setup then this app is for you. It makes a link to bid your visitors to link you when you open this app. It is a blank opus divided by a criss-cross can be utilized to draw sketches and write scripts precisely in real-time. By this method, it lets your visitors view the alterations on the board instantaneously. By using your Facebook account, you can log in to this whiteboard which sorts it simpler to share and protect any information.

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 Web Whiteboard

A Web whiteboard app is available for free where you can definite your views while communicating with your colleagues. You no need to login to use this app. You can invite others just by sharing the link, it holds your information for 21-day maximum for free. If you want the app to hold information for a long time you have to choose other plans to extend.


Realtimeboard is a free app, it bids lots of collaborative features. When you are making your presentation, you can utilize their templates in various sizes, colors and shapes to make your presentation more imposing and exceedingly collaborating. You can use only limited features in the free version but through upgrading (paying some fee) you can have the best experience.

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