The Best New Products That Many People Don’t Know About

There are some things which actually make our lives cool and with a tweak of innovation, we completely fall for requirements like these. It is really tough to realize new advanced products that will make us say wow!


The Best New Products You Don’t Know About

Stick and find stickers

sticker to locate the thing

Stick and find stickers is a Bluetooth Powered ultra-small Location Stickers

manufactured by Stick and find, this small sticker will help you to find anything that you would stick them upon.

Stick and find stick is an Ultra small Sticker with Bluetooth Low Energy, you can stick this sticker on your important stuff, when you not able to spot that stuff, you can locate them by using your smartphone to find them.


Word Lens is an app that instantaneously translates languages by means of your mobile camera.

Word lens will be very helpful when we travel to foreign countries. When you see a sign but you don’t know what does it mean, at that time simply handhold your mobile up to the words on board and point the camera and the sign will be translated for you into your selected language.

Word Lens was Developed by an enterprise called Quest Visual, this app can translate many different languages in real time just by operating the smartphone’s camera.

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Lazy Glass

Lazy glass to read by sleeping

Of course, physics is always very helpful for lazy people! Lazy Glasses, are optical glasses that let you to read in bed or watch TV just by lying plane on your back. This exclusive bed prism glass is great for averting neck pains or eye stress. The Lazy Glasses fit your vision to a descending 90-degree angle, so no need lye sideway or no need to move your head to watch a movie. And it will be useful for those with limited mobility, just Lie on your rearmost with your head on a pillow, and you will be proficient to read books reposing on your chest.

Medical pill Water bottle

Water bottle with in-built pill box

Forgetting to take pills on time is no more an option. Water Bottle with an in-built day-to-day pill box, A huge way to shot the medication, and go. Tottle comes with 7 pill organizer compartments for each day of the week. This tablet and vitamin organizer allows you to safely carry, stock and arrange your very private personal medicine in-built cupboard with a water bottle supplemented with a cover that can be used as a handy cup.

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Portable dust extinguisher

Keep your table neat and tidy by using this portable Dust Extinguisher. It is very easy to use. Just flip the on/off button and start scoffing dust, crumbs, and debris with the convenient 4-inch nozzle.

Cleaning is a quick, too. All collected trash is hoarded in the twist-off top. Just detach it as well as the snap-in filter when it is full and time to remove all the dirt.

Bike lane safety light

Cycle virtual lane

Riding Bicycle after dark should not be taken easily. But with the bike lane safety light it is safe and easy too.this cool bike lane safety lights would allow you to form your own bikeways at night. A duo of projected beams snipe from a back light, generating a vibrating, red lines a virtual bike lane that travels with a rider progressing across the dark.

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