Best Tv Remote Apps For Android

Now you can control almost all devices by using these remote apps. There are lot of apps available on Google play store for free. These apps have capability to control AC, set-up box, Camera and smart TV.

So, now you can control all the devices from your mobile and no need to search for remote under pillow, cushions and sofas. Here is the list of best remote apps for android.

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Best Tv Remote Apps for Android 

Best Tv Remote Apps For Android

Google Home

Google Home absolutely great app. Its key function is to control google Chromecast devices and google home. which means you want one of those to sort this work. Or else, just choice a movie, image, song, show etc. whatever you want to cast it in your screen. you can’t change channels or volumes by using this. Still, by using your phone you can change the volume and that takes the same effect.


Smart IR remote 

Smart IR remote is a best TV remote apps for free. This remote app supports almost all TV brands and easy to use. You can also use this remote app for air conditioners, DSLR cameras, and virtually every tech that has an IR blaster. This app also has keys for things like Hulu, Netflix, and Kodi if your TV supports those things.

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Sure Universal Smart TV Remote Control

Universal Smart TV Remote Control is absolutely wordy available for free. It is really a wonderful remote app work on all TV’s and also supports other devices which has IR blaster. There is lot more in this app like it supports DLNA, amazon alexa and wifi for casting videos and pictures.

Twinone Universal Remote

Twinone Universal Remote is a free TV remote apps. It works for almost all set-top boxes and TVs. It also supports many devices. The only annoying thing is advertisements and you don’t have any option to remove them. May be in future paid version can do.

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Unified Remote

Unified remote is a unique remote app. It beneficial for controlling your computer, but it valuable for those who have Home Theatre PC set-ups. It also supports mac, linux and PC. This app comes with a mouse and keyboard for well input control. It is also abundant for Pi devices, Raspberry, Arduino Yun devices, etc. The paid version of this app arises with all, comprising NFC support, Android Wear support, 90 remotes etc.


Roku is a great and free app for roku users. This app lets you to control all on the roku. The roku app has play.pause, rewind, fastforward, navigation buttons, voice search. But you need TV remote for volume purpose.








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