iPhone Memory is Full? Best Ways To Free Up Storage Space

Is your iPhone memory / iPad storage being full? Or running out of iPhone memory? Games and apps are getting larger and larger, taking more time to free up space? Following tips may help you to acquire some possibility over.

Do you have a limited storage iPhone? You could delete some pictures or apps, but Work smarter than harder. So, the smarter way to do that is.

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Best Ways To Free Up iPhone memory

iPhone Memory is Full? Best Ways To Free Up Storage Space

Removing apps to free up storage space

Many of us do not use some apps on iPhone like games apps, magazine apps, etc. which takes more iPhone memory, if possible try to use the standard apps that apple offers, and install apps that are very important and remove the rest to save space.

Meanwhile in iOS 11 removes the apps automatically if you don’t use them for certain amount of time. The data will be saved but it removes the app. You can install it when you need.

So, you too remove the app that you are using very infrequent and you can install it when you need it.

  1. Go to Settings app on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Click on “General” -> click on “iPhone storage”.
  3. Turn on the Room apps.

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Smart trick for iPhone memory

By using this trait, you can free more space.

Note: It is not a formal function of Apple, so it won’t work on future version of iOS.

  • Just drive to iTune Store and click on “movies”.
  • Select the movies that are bigger than the free memory on iPhone. For an instance, if you have 300 MB left, then the movie should be bigger than 300MB.
  • Click on rent / buy, next you will get a message that the movie is too big to install.
  • Be alert, don’t buy the movie by chance, so don’t rest your finger on the Touch IDsensor and don’t click the iPhone X side key two times.
  • Now drive to Settings -> General -> iPhone storage, now you can see a memory has been free.

By recapping the traits numerous times, you can free more storage space  on iPhone.

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Clean chat messages

Of course, now everyone of us are using the Messaging app which consumes lot of iPhone storage space, especially if you frequently swap videos and photos with people. To free up iPhone memory…

Just drive to Settings click on “General” then click on “iPhone storage” then “Messages” to check space that Messaging app takes.

In several cases, it may be some hundred MBs, but in many cases individuals who have several gigabytes in Messaging apps. Just go through messages and toss away big videos and photos. Allow the option to remove iMessage messages automatically. So that you no need to bother about it any longer.

Do the same to whatsapp: you may have several images and videos stored unobserved.

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Void the app cache

Regularly you no need to totally remove an app. Clearing cache is sufficient to free further iPhone storage. It is temporary info that is saved offline.

Transfer images to drives or remove the photos

Video and photos perhaps takes some gigabytes of storage on iPad or iPhone. To see this just go to “Settings” then click on “general” and click on “iPhone storage” the click “photos”. It may take some time to show the numbers picture you have on device.

You can clear the deleted images by click on item photos which takes little gigabytes. These are the deleted images in hurled in trash for last 30 days. These images will be deleted forever after 1 month.

Every videos and images are kept in an iCloud as backups. Suppose you are using a free 5GB then it will reach the time limit briefly. Its better to save images in external services like google photos, flicker etc. In Google you will acquire limitless storage and in flicker 1 terabyte, Microsoft 5 GB. You will get more storage in Microsoft because of 365 you use. Moreover, you could create a backup of the images.

Decide the pictures you desire to hold and remove the rest.

The other easiest way to backup all pictures is by importing all your pictures to the your Macbook or PC or on external hard disk. Yet, you have just one native backup on a material disk. That can be unsafe because if the computer is lifted or hard disk brakes? So, it is securer to have a backup with a cloud service, like Google drive, Flickr, drop box, OneDrive, or other online storage services.

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Reforming the iPhone

If you made any mess in recent years and don’t know where to begin cleaning up? To free up more storage space on iPhone you can easily rebuild iPhone and transform it. To do that, just go back to iPhone factory settings, following which you jump again with a fresh installation. As a result, you can save more gigabytes just in one at a time.

Above mentioned are some tips to free up storage space on iPhone / iPad. When it is filled. Hope this article will help you to solve storage problem on your device.

If you have any tips to free up storage space on iPhone / iPad. Then please write them in comment box below.

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