Must Use Blogging Apps For Mac Users

There are some Desktop tools which helps us in blogging and escalates productivity. Using certain desktop tools you can work offline without any distractions.

Of course, internet is very useful thing but sometimes it distracts us especially while working. So, its better to use some software’s which lets you to work offline. I know it is difficult to unplug internet but you can see the improved productive.

Some best productive apps for bloggers on Mac

Must-use blogging apps for Mac users

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Byword (Writing)

Byword is a writing app which makes writing long-form texts and notes easier. It is Devised to make writing simpler with Markdown. It is really very useful app for all bloggers who are eyeing for diversion free app. It comes with great feature which lets you to publish on you wordpress blog and you can also choose categories, tags etc.

Using this app, you can easily sync documents across all your iPhone, Mac, iPad devices.

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PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is a best photo editing app available for free ON Mac. This photo editor app is cool and easy to use which allows you to fix and improve photographs.

It comes with many features like collage maker, Photo Editor, Photo Viewer, Batch Editor, Cut Out, Animated GIF Creator, screen capture, Combine, colour picker, Print, RAW image etc.

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Atom (Code editor)

Atom is open-source code editor for Mac. It upkeeps a horde of software and web developer languages like CSS, PHP, Javascript, HTML, etc. If you desiring to experiment across with your personal pieces of code to insert it to your site or if you are web developer by yourself then this a perfect app for you. It also has a huge and energetic community behind it.

Final Cut Pro (Video editing)

Final cut pro x is a best video editing app. Sure it will satisfy anxious users. It also comes with whistles and bells for highest level video editing and above. And there are some great plugins which will this software farther powerful.

It supports for 360-degree video editing. If you go for premium, it costs dollar 300. It is best app for bloggers and worth paying.

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Chrome (Browser)

Google Chrome works superfast on your iPad and iPhone. In Google Chrome browser you can Pick up from where you went off on your last devices, quest by voice and effortlessly read webpages in any language. Really it is a great and useful app for web masters, bloggers, web developers etc.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer is an awesome productivity timer app. Lucky for Mac users as it helps you to do your work without procrastination.

This application is easy to use and it increases individual productivity. Auto start feature is really awesome one. Here you have short and long focus sessions, pauses, configure to hide dock icon etc.


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