5 Free Android Apps to Eliminate Unwanted Things from Pictures

Android apps – Photo editing is very fascinating task for everyone. The newest software tools support us well with tons of innovative features that makes editing job much cooler. By using these android apps one can delete the particular item / unwanted thing from picture or can replicate any portion to other as per requirement deprived of ending the natural look. Using this tool you can also rotate, crop, adjust colour, and clone stamp.

Following are some best android apps which makes your easy in photo editing.

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Android apps to remove unwanted thing from picture

5 Free Android Apps to Eliminate Unwanted Things from Pictures

5 Free Android Apps to Eliminate Unwanted Things from Pictures

Adobe Photoshop Fix

This app helps you to remove all unwanted objects from pictures. This app is designed with an innate and user-friendly interface which can be accessed by learners as well. Using this app you can easily remove the unwanted object in picture.

Just select “healing” option in the bottom of the screen then click “spot heal” option. Now modify the toughness and dimension of the brush, then highlight the object that you want to remove manually. Quickly, the thing will vanish and the part will be concealed by adjacent details of the picture.

Some important features:

Can easily fix the flaws using patch and heal tool.

Lets users to alter the light intensity in a certain part of pictures.

Easy to retouch or restore to get the wanted.

Blur particular part of picture using defocus.

Make creative modifications to the facial features by using face aware liquefy.

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Remove Object

Using this tool, you can erase particular part of captured pictures and give them a DSLR like a presence. It also lets users to access choice and clone toll to create required alterations to the picture. Advanced brush tool can be used to draw over the annoying objects and click start tab to erase the highlighted part immediately.

Some important features:

“clone stamp tool” to erase flaws from the picture.

Quite easy to adjust hardness, opacity, stamp tools, and size of the eraser.

By using blemishes tools you can easily remove blemishes.

By using brush tool or lasso you can remove undesired part of the picture.

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This app aids you to remove all annoying scenes in the picture. Just open the app, choose the picture you want edit, once the picture -> select “object removal tool” in the bottommost of the screen and draw over the annoying part. The brush tool and lasso tool can aid you well to use norm size for object selection. After your selection errand is completed, click “Go” tab and that selected part will immediately wane.

Some important features

Efficient to remove straight and curved scratches from pictures.

Instantaneously make your picture beautiful by erasing pimples and blemishes.

This tool is available for and easy to use.

Remove posts, telephone wires and power lines from picture.

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YouCam Perfect

Youcam perfect is free for all android users and it aids to remove unwanted things from picture faster with its naive design. Using this app you can remove people, annoying things, shadows from pictures. Online tutorial is available which helps you to understand easily.

It come with creative editing tools like crop, rotate, blur the backround, one-touch filters. When your edited picture is complete, you can share it straight on social media platforms like whatsapp,  facebook, Instagram etc.

Steps to remove items with YouCam Perfect:

Install app from Google play store.

Open the app and select the picture that you want to edit and ingress it. Now click edit tab and select removal tool.

Now highlight the unwanted things in the picture and click “apply”. Tab in the bottom of the screen. Now The unwanted part of the picture will get vanished.

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Like other app this app too removes unwanted things from picture immediately. Just install the app ->open the App -> select the picture you want to edit. Now go to “remove option and select the pen inthis category. Now draw over on the unwanted thing in the picture. Now the drawn part will disappear and automatically covered by substance open at its adjacent area.

Some important features:

Remove blemishes and pimples from selfies and images.

Erase stains and scratches from picture.

Lasso tool helps you to quick masking.

Duplicate items immediately by using clone.

Zoom feature is additional for accurate selections.

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