Best iMovie Tips & Tricks for Editing Videos Like A Pro

iMovie is an excellent video editing tool. It comes with many useful features and it has some tricks that can be handy for all users. Once you learn them, then iMovie will give an awesome result and high-quality videos.

Best iMovie Tips and Tricks 

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Best iMovie Tips & Tricks for Editing Videos Like A Pro

Transition effects

This technique is significant as it lets your video to have a charming look while you change from one clip to another. Making transition effects to videos are quite easy in iMovie but be careful while doing it and confirm that a cut from one clip to another is less disrupting and also simpler. You can easily make the videos look the style you wish to and users watching your video will enjoy it. The very main thing is that you should not do overboard with transitions as it will drop the quality of video.

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Color correction

Of course, colour correction is significant while making video. Colour correction differs on the feeling of your video. To have an amazing video the colour of the video and the sense should match. So that users can easily understand what you are trying to suggest. By using iMovie to correct-colour of your video, you can take it to novel level they seem more professional. Afore doing colour-correction to your video, first know the tool well which helps you to know the colour that outfits your video best.

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Importing movies from DVD to iMovie

Here you can’t import anything directly. So, you can install a “handbrake” program available for free. Download it will aid you to proficiently import your movie. This will be very useful especially for students to do projects and needs to include footage froma movie that is on DVD.

Multiple Audio Tracks

If you want to add more than one audio track to video, first you have to add audio tracks to your project and confirm that the track drives in your video track on the timeline. Once the track is under your video track, just right click on the music (track) where you desire it to begin and choose the split cut choice. And when you wish to the music to end, recap the same process. Next remove the parts that you don’t need. Many people find difficult to add multiple tracks to a project, but by doing the above process, it becomes very easy.

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Project Finalization

 Of course, after completing everything it is vital to finalize it. Then it will be ease for you to upload your video on internet or output video. iMovie is not clear about what occurs after completing your project as once you have finalized, you won’t be able to get any of that files that you worked on. When it occurs, many of them fear and they consider that they lost their project. As long as you do not sort any alters to the previously completed project, your project is protected and you can use the video nevertheless you want. If you want to make any edits, you still have to re-finalize once you are done. iMovie should be perfect about this trait so that a individual can understand whether to complete a project or not.

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Duckling lets iMovie users to lower the audio level on all audio tracks that are contesting with further chosen tracks. There are diverse types of tracks that can be added to videos.  If you want a specific music to be loudest in a particular portion of your video you have to choose that clip first. Next go and turn on the ducking feature. If you do not choice the clip, will not get the outcomes that you need.

The problem arises only when the user wants to hurriedly lower the sound of certain tracks to elude the tracks from rival with each other.


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