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Best Keynote Tips And Tricks To Make Remarkable Presentation

Keynote is a great presentation app that, even while loaded with media like HD photos and video, can be trusted on not to avoid a bang. This Application is accessible on iOS for the iPhone and iPad, and through web browsers and OS X for Mac,

Here you can add automatic calculations to tables, make interactive links, and mask pictures with shapes and more.

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Best Keynote Tips And Tricks To Make Remarkable Presentation

Build masks from shapes to make impressive images

Creating masks of photos is quite easy. Just click on shape and insert a shape you want in to the presentation.

Click on “media” – > “photo” and drag a picture into the shape.

Now the shape will build a mask for the picture.

Then click “done” and insert it in the keynote presentation.

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Save styles to reprocess them

First emphasize the picture and tap on style to access the reflection, shadow, Border, and Opacity choices.

If you wish to make a style for your favourite picture, you must insert it to “Image Styles area”.

Now hit on the right arrow in “image styles” to display an “add style” option.

To add the style to the picture styles area, just click on it.

Next hit the new icon to insert the precise similar style to any emphasized image.

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Make interactive presentations thru links

Here you can place a link to the other slides in a presentation. So that people can easily view other slides just by clicking the link. This is picture-perfect for making kiosk style info presentations.

To do this choose “text” and click “format” -> “add link” to insert link or simple press “command + K”.

How to use Instant Alpha effects

You can quickly remove the background from an image by using the instant Alpha Mode.

Instant alpha mode helps you to delete background hastily from a picture. If the background colour is strong, just hit on the picture and “format” -> “image” -> “instant alpha”. Now hit on background and slog a line (any direction) to rise the power of the mask.

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Pair the color of text to an image

You can make a neat and clean presentation by matching the colors of text with the images by utilizing the “colour picker”.

Just highpoint the text and hit on “format” -> “text” then hit the colour icon. Now hit the magnifying glass and hit on a colour from a picture. Now the text will be altered to the picture.

Use Magic Move among slides

Just make your presentation look magnificent by using magic move to animate among slides.

It takes corresponding things on one slide and animates them separately to the following slide. It sorts a slide guise like a solo animation rather than a punch of slides.

To do this, just click on “Animate” -> “Add an effect” -> “magic move”.

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Form Tables with Functions right in Keynote

Even in a keynote you can form a table and make functions like average, sum, minimum & maximum.

If you want to create only the data to use in a presentation you just save time by exploiting it right inside the keynote.

Edit Master Slides to design new themes

If you want to make a new theme, then picking a gradient theme is the best way to make unique presentation and edit master slide to various colours.

In the presentation, Choose the first slide then hit on “format” -> “change master”.

Now alter the background to gradient fill and select various choice of colours.

When you are set to start making presentation just click “done”.

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Control your presentation using Keynote Remote from iPhone

if you have keynote app in your iPhone then you can easily control the presentation on Mac just by using iPhone as a remote.

Just open the keynote app on Mac and iPhone and

Click on “keynote” -> “preferences” -> remote in keynote for Mac and enable it. Now choose your iPhone and hit the link to confirm

Spice up your presentation by Adding 3D charts

You know that the graphics and charts are the bone of presentations, however keynote sorts them look wonderful. To do this, hit “Chart” -> “3D” and select a chart (we habitually use the top-right option). You can swap it across to sort it look further impressive.


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