4 Easiest Ways To Transfer Contacts From Iphone​ To Android

Moving from one phone to another is not an easy job. Specifically, when you are moving from iPhone to Android. All contacts and datas in smartphone are very important and precisely contacts are utmost important one. It is really very difficult to type and save every numbers but by following the 4 ways mentioned below you can finish your job easily.

Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

Following are 4 ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. But afore going further, it is very important to take backup of your iPhone to iCoud.

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Remember, many Android devices come with own data transferring app like LG bridge. If your phone is not one of them, then go forward.

4 Easiest Ways To Transfer Contacts From Iphone​ To Android

1stway: Export Contacts by using iCloud 

  • First, Launch a browser on your PC or Mac.
  • Just drive to iCloud.com
  • Now login by using your Apple ID and password.
  • Find Contacts.
  • Choose the contacts detected on the top left side of the screen.
  • If it is PC press Ctrl + A and if it is Mac press command + A key, to select wholly contacts.
  • Again, go to Settings and click on ‘Export vCard’. Now .vcf file will be moved.

Note: You can also locate Settings tab from the lower left side of the screen and click Select All.

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Get contacts by Using Google Contacts 

Now a .vcf file is there in your system, now you just import it to your Google account. If you don’t have any Google account, then sign up to Google account and do the following steps

  • Drive to the browser on your Mac or PC.
  • login to your Google account.
  • Now click on Google menu (nine dots) found at the upper right side of the screen.
  • Now click on Contacts.
  • And select Import Contacts from the left side menu.
  • Now click on Choose File – > Steer to .VCF file and tap on Import.
  • All your contacts will show. You will be urged to locate and combine replicas if red color notes shows up at the high end of the screen.
  • Select Merge.

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Sync Your Android with Google Account

Now sync your Google account with Android phone. If you have not switched on your Android phone, you can switch on your mobile and you will be urged to sign in to Google account and use the similar Google account to sign in and just do what you see on-screen to sync contacts and further data on Google to your mobile.

Conversely, if you already gone over the setup method, do these steps to move Contacts on your Android:

  • Drive to Settings, spot app from app drawer or home screen.
  • Go to Accounts.
  • Now go to Google.
  • Click on button near Contacts and shot on contact sync.
  • Find More key from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now click Sync.
Google account sync

2ndway:  Add contacts from iPhone To Android

If you don’t like to sync by means of Google account, you requisite to email the vCard to yourself.

Note: If you have a Google account, it is good to sync to evade any muddle.

  • In your Android mobile drive to email app.
  • Now drive to email which has vCard file.
  • Click on Download tab to download vCard file.
  • To acquire Notice, Swipe downward direction from top of the screen or from downward to top of the screen (mobile to mobile it varies)
  • Click on the moved vCard file to open it.
  • Now the contacts will be saved in your Contacts library.

3rdway: Use app

If you don’t want to use the official way then you can go for third party app which is quite easy to transfer all contact from iPhone to Android.

Remember the app you are going to use should be available both on iPhone and Android.

  • Install Mcbackup app on your iPhone.
  • Now app will ask to access your contact, click OK
  • Now Click backup
  • Click on email and connect VCF file to an email and send it to gmail account.
  • Now open the email from Android mobile, download VCF file to import your contacts to the mobile.

Likewise, VCF file lets you to import particular contacts / the whole address book with the add all X contacts button.

4thway: Transfer with iTunes

If you do not wish to move your contacts via Gmail and wish to use iTunes to do the task. Do the steps below:

  • Download and launch iTunes.
  • Link your iPhone to laptop / computer.
  • Drive to the summary page in your device.
  • Select the Information tab.
  • Tick the “Sync Contacts With” – > then choose “Google Contacts”.
  • Now login to your Google account.

Note:First confirm that your Android mobile is linked to the Google account which you utilized to log in.The above-mentioned ways will help you to easily move your contacts from iPhone to Android. It may be lengthy list of contacts or very few contacts, you can utilize the above-mentioned ways to move contacts effortlessly.

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