How To Transfer Photos Videos and Music’s from Android to iPhone

When it comes to moving contents from an Android to iPhone, the technique can be a bit trickier.

Though you can’t move certain operating system-dependent items like call history and text messages, it is achievable to transfer your photos, contacts, files, and videos from your Android to iPhone. Now here we are going to see how to move Photos, Contacts, music, Apps and files from Android to iPhone.

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Transfer Images and Videos from android to iPhone

Method 1:

Hope you already started your new iPhone, and connected it to iTunes. Now just go to left side bar and click on your mobile’s name, Next drive to the Pictures tab in the main interface. Check “Sync photos.” Click “Choose folder” in the drop-down menu, and direct to the Android data folder on your desktop. Your pictures will show in your iPhone’s Photos app.

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Method 2:

A data-transferring app helps us to transfer videos and photos to your iPhone in a cool way. There are Several apps to move your folders over Wi-Fi, so you no need to link your mobile to a laptop. You can see lots of Google play store and Apple app store varying on your country.  Following are some data-transferring apps.

The app will show you the steps to transfer your photos and videos. Once you transfer your videos and photos, you can locate all your videos and pictures on your iPhone in Photos – > Albums.

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How To Transfer Photos Videos and Music’s from Android to iPhone

Transfer Music from Android to iPhone:

The norm here is same as to that of moving pictures from Android to iPhone. First you must acquire music folders from Android then on your Mac or PC, thenceforth acquire those folders into iTunes and sync ahead your iPhone. Now you can  find music’s in your iPhone Music app.

If you are using streaming service like beats music or Pandora, you can listen music on your iPhone without touching everything. Now go to App Store, locate the app for the facility you use, and install it. Sign in by using username and password.

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Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone:

There is no cool method across this. If you pay for an app on Google Play store, you will probably have to recompense to purchase over on iTunes.

Almost all the apps that you are using on android is also accessible on iTunes, besides the login particulars you utilize for the one will effort on the further. Which means that every matter or facility you bought over your Android app will probably be available on your iPhone too.


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