7 Best Websites to Download Windows Programs for Free

Are you searching to know the best websites to download window programs for free? Then you are on the right place. There are many websites to download window programs but all websites are safe and reliable. So here websites to have listed some best websites to download window programs for free with guarantee and full security.

Best websites to download free Windows programs

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Sourceforge is a complete open source and business software platform. Here you can find more than 500,000 programs which you can download for free to window computer.

When it comes to their traffic, it crosses 33 million users per month to download window software for free. Through this you can understand that definitely it is best website to download free window programs.  But few years ago, this website got some security problem but now they rectified it by doing great cleaning and renewed the pages. Now it is completely secured.

So, SourceForge is really a largest site to download open source programs.

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Softpedia is a huge library for games, software and drivers which are obtainable for MacOs, Windows, and Linux OS. There is many other software in the store that have been verified by their team memberships. This software has the sign “100% CLEAN” after to them. And there are other free software exclusive of this sign are not absolutely safe to usage and I would not endorse you using them.

Softpedia also has apps to download on Mac, Android mobiles, Windows and Internet browser.

Remember always the best choice is to go to the official site of the software then install it from there. You just use softpedia as a boundless library that it is to locate what you are searching for but eternally pay attentiveness to what you are installing.

Major Geeks

MajorGreeks is studied as one of the Trusted has to download the much free software. There is proverb called “Don’t judge the book by its cover” like that don’t Major Greeks by seeing its old-fashioned web design. 

You are in a giant portal where you can download programs for iOS, Android and windows for free. The site maintenance is under two geeks. They actually check the software rising queries in them afore listing them in their site.

Now what are you waiting for, choose the best website and dive in to download the program you desire.

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Now Ninite has got a rhythm in recent years to be with the top pages to download Windows programs for free.

In Ninite, you can find lots of apps which you can simply download & install on Windows computer or on favourite browser Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

This site offers you to download popular and best software like Chrome, Spotify, VLC etc. You can instate them just by one or two click you no need to bother about malware. You no need to to install every software separately, Ninite downloads the up-to-date version of software and installs it by default.

ZDnet Download

ZDnet is a biggest library to download programs like Mac, Windows, mobile devices etc.

ZDnet also has extra services like evaluation, comments and review of products.


CNET is also in the list of top websites to download software programs like Mac, Linux, Windows etc. for free. Here you can find all type of softwares to download for free.

When it comes to security and safety indeed CNET ranks on top.

Tucows Download

Tucows is a firm that deals different services as an Internet provider, like domain registration and telephony, and you can also service to download programs for free.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. Here you can download windows, linux and mac program too.

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