5 Best Free FTP Server Software for windows and linux

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol which is very essential to share large files. A server called FTP is what an FTP client links to on behalf of file transfers.

Of course, there are many FTP servers accessible out there, but they charge you for using it. Following are some best and free FTP server programs that run on MacOS, Linux and Windows. Just download it and utilize it to share all size of files and no need to pay any.

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5 Best Free FTP Server Software for windows and linux

Free FTP Server Software for windows and Linux

FileZilla Server

FileZilla is a free server app for windows It manages both local server and a remote FTP server. You just select which ports the platform should attend on, the number of users can be linked to your server at once, the number of CPU threads that the server can use, and timeout settings for logins, connections, and transfers.

Further features in FileZilla Server are:

  • Passive mode FTP.
  • The capability to regulate the transmission and plug buffer size
  • Logging to a custom LOG
  • limit bandwidth usage via Bandwidth control.
  • File transfer compression (with per-IP address compression prohibitions.)

Some other security features comprise are

Auto-banning IP address if it flops to positively login after several attempts,

The choice to allow FTP above TLS with the facility to disallow unencrypted FTP, and IP filtering so it’s easy to block particular IP addresses or IP address series from linking to your FTP server.

You can also easily be shot your server offline or swiftly padlock the FTP server just by one click, to safeguard that no latest links to your server can be built ’til you undo it.

Filezilla server gives you a Full access so that you can create users and groups, which means you can adjust bandwidth for certain users and not others and offer hand-picked users with approvals like read/write, then others with merely reading access, etc.

Filezilla’s official page has a FileZilla Server FAQpage where you will get help or else you help others by answering their questions.

Filezilla is an open source server.

Filezilla for windows and FileZilla for Linux

Xlight FTP Server

Xlight’s FTP server is available for free and it looks very modern and has lots of

settings so that it will be easy for you to alter as per your liking.

Once you build a virtual server, simply double-click it to open settings, there you can alter the IP address and server port, allow security features, control bandwidth usage for the entire server, explain how many customers can exist on your server, and customary a precise maximum login sum from the similar IP address.

In Xlight there is one more interesting feature where you can customary the maximum idle time for customers so that they will get thrust out if they are not really interactive with the server.

Here are several other exclusive features

  • Server banner note.
  • Email notices.
  • Implement a program once a user logs in.
  • Implement a program while a file is downloaded, uploaded, or deleted.
  • Auto-delete moderately uploaded files.
  • Upload SFV checked.
  • Direct all removed files to the Recycle Bin.
  • Access control catalogue for files and directories.
  • Anti-leech defense.

The Xlight FTP Server can utilize SSL and can need consumers to utilize a certificate. It likewise Active Directory, cares ODBC, and LDAP authentication.

Xlight is completely free for personal use and works among Windows, together 32 & 64-bit versions.

You can just install it in your system just like other apps, you can download the FTP server as a transportable program so that you no need to install it, or you can install it to your system like a routine application.

Get free Xligjt FTP server 

Complete FTP

Complete FTP is a free FTP server for Windows, it supports both FTP and FTPS.

This platform has a jam-packed graphical user interface and it is quite easy to use. The interface itself is very simple but settings are veiled away in the adjacent menu and are meek to access.

One exclusive thing in this FTP server is that after altering the settings you need to select “apply changes” tab or else it won’t take the changes you made to settings

Features of Complete FTP:

  • you can Enable or disable FTP and FTPS.
  • Allow anonymous logins.
  • A select number of anonymous users can log in at the same time.
  • Display veiled folders and files.
  • Let backslash extractors.
  • Alter timeout settings for passive FTP, logging in, idle sessions, and stalled transfers.
  • Explain the number of attempts to login can be made afore the user is booted off.
  • Insert a custom welcome letter.
  • An entire “Monitoring” sector of the server allows you to view instantaneous logging, organize the log file, observe connections as they occur, and prohibition users.

In complete FTP you have a built-in Step-by-step guide you can use it any time by selecting Step-by-step guides at the top of the program to know how to use the different options and features.

This program connects as a sample of the professional edition. In the download page, you can see the instructions to know how to activate the Complete FTP free edition Note: each feature atop are in the free version.

Core FTP Server

Core FTP server is also an FTP server for window computers. It comes with two versions, the first one is the minimal server which easy learn and use. It is completely portable all you have to do is just enter the username, port, password, and root path. There are few more settings too if you wish you can configure them.

The second version is a full-term server, here you can state the domain name, label access policies, get the auto start as a service, insert various user accounts with described access agreements and limitations, etc. On the transfer page, select one of the good links to catch the complete program; the handy, minimal FTP server is accessible near the bottommost of that page.

Both FTP server comes with 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows.

War FTP Daemon

War FTP Daemon was an awesome FTP server for windows, After, 1996 it has been surpassed by latest and enhanced applications like the above one.

Look wise, it seems old but absolutely usable as a free FTP, you can include users with special permissions, write occurrences to a record, and alter loads of innovative server properties.

To make the server run, you need to run the server file first -> now open FTP daemon manager -> administer -> add users, modify server really installed to the system.

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