How to Put an End to Spam Calls

Phone scams are undoubtedly the most annoying small thing that many would put on a list. Telemarketers, or automated robocallers as they are more commonly known, have a way of disturbing you when least expected. It’s not just that they annoy you that you should be aware of how to block spam calls.

The truth is that robocallers will always try to reach you, thus the effectiveness of the Do Not Disturb option is limited. Each year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cash are made through their methods. Over 90% of respondents to a survey with 4,000 participants said they were receiving more robocalls. Regretfully, elderly individuals are prone to become victims of these fraudulent schemes.

How do I avoid spam calls on my phone? is a question we posed to several tech experts. To permanently cut them off, adhere to following instructions.

Become a member of the National Do Not Call Registry

Start by adding yourself to the National Do Not Call Registry run by the Federal Trade Commission. To join the list, dial 888-382-1222 from the number you wish to use for registration. Register as many phone numbers as possible at The organization has sued 51 businesses and telemarketers so far, winning $112 million in court. The full effect of your registration will be felt after around a month. Additional information regarding the National. Do Not Call list is provided here.

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Use technology and apps for spam screening.

While most unsolicited calls will be stopped by the National Do Not Call Registry, not all of them will. An excellent addition to your smartphone security arsenal is a spam-filtering app, which can provide an additional layer of security. According to managing partner Rex Freiberger of the website Gadget Review, the app’s developers keep a sizable database of robocall reports from users. The software notifies you that the call is spam and stops the phone from ringing when one of those numbers tries to reach you. Brilliant!

Installing one of the following tools will enable you to stop spam calls easily:
The program Mr. Number, which can be found on Google Play and the program Store, has the ability to restrict calls from a certain area code or even a complete nation. Reporting spam calls is another way to alert other people.
AT&T Call Protect: This app’s fraudulent call filtering feature filters out con artists even before the phone rings, and it’s free for AT&T users. It can be found on Google Play and the App Store.
Verizon Call Filter: The company launched the Neighborhood Filter service for its users last year. Based on the phone number and area code, it determines which calls are probably scams. Spoofing is reduced since similar numbers of phones are prevented from contacting you.

Turn off unauthorized callers on your iPhone.

Block robo callers using the same strategy you would an ex. Also, don’t stress over blocking the incorrect number. Unblocking someone using an iPhone is also quite simple.

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On iPhone, how can I stop spam calls?
1. Select Settings.
2. Tap the phone symbol after swiping down to reveal it.
3. Choose the option to “Silence Unwanted Callers” by swiping down.
4. Toggle the switch to the green position.
Well done! The spammers have been silenced. Your phone will not ring if the number is not in your contacts, recent Siri suggestions, or outgoing calls. The number will appear in your Recents list, which is simply your iPhone’s call history, and the caller is going to be sent to voicemail instead.
In the event that you are uncomfortable banning every unknown number—let’s say your parents use a rotating fleet of home health aids—then stop spam calls as soon as they arrive.

How to individually prevent unsolicited calls:

1. Launch the Phone app, then select “Recents” from the menu at the bottom (scroll down to the clock symbol).
2. Find the number you wish to block by scrolling down, and then hit the information icon (a circle with a “i” on it).
3. Navigate to the lower portion of the page and choose “Block this Caller.”
4. From the pop-up window, choose “Block Contact” when requested.
Go to Settings, then Phone then Blocked Contacts to view a list of all the calls you have blocked.

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On your Android phone, silence incoming calls.

If a call comes from a known robocaller, Samsung’s Smart Call service lets you know. It’s worth seeing if you qualify for this service, even though it might not be accessible to all models and carriers. How to turn it on is as follows:
To begin, select “Call settings.”
2. Determine “Caller ID and spammer protection.”
3. To make it green, click the toggle icon on the right.

Brush aside calls from spammers.

It’s easy to get frustrated and yell at someone, “Don’t call me again!” over the phone. Here’s a better method for preventing spam calls, though: Give no response at all. Experts predict that the robocallers will consider the number inactive and be less inclined to attempt again. By the way, you ought not to answer calls from unknown numbers as this leaves you open to frauds in the future.

Alert family members.

Presumably, you are aware that an individual who demands payment to the IRS or threatens to put you in jail if you don’t pay the debt is a con artist. However, your ten-year-old child as well as your elderly parents or grandparents might be duped.  The Department of Social Security is actually the purported source of 39% of robocalls.

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Make sure your vulnerable family members know never to provide any personal information to strangers who phone them out of the blue. Tell the adults to hang up and give the business/organization in question a call if they are adamant that it might be legitimate. Recall that teaching your susceptible loved ones how to stop spam texts is just as important as teaching them how to prevent spam calls when it comes to preventing frauds.

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