Google Maps Will Now Display Speed Limits And Camera Locations On iPhone and Android

Now Google has come with a great feature and started testing in Brazil, San Francisco, and Rio de Janeiro.

Google Maps Will Now Display Speed Limits And Camera Locations On iPhone and Android


The speed limit feature in Google will display the max speed for that road that drivers are crossing in the left side (lower) of the app. Google maps will show the locality of speed snare over small camera signs, and the app will apparently play an audial warning to signal drivers that a speed snare is upcoming.

Now users are permitted to statement the speed trap cameras location in GOOGLE MAPS, over the report key you can see “+” sign at the lowest left of the app’s main screen. Now the app creating the data observable to users in numerous countries.

Now Speed limits are being enhanced for the U.S, U.K, and Denmark. At present, speed camera localities are showing for the U.S., Australia, U.K., Canada, Brazil, India, Mexico, Indonesia, and Russia.


It seems like new features are upcoming to Google Maps via server-side transformations. The app does not requisite an update in order for customers to start seeing the speed traps and speed limits localities.

As you know that Google Maps acquired additional maps app called crowdsourcing navigation app Waze for about $1 billion in 2013. This crowdsourced app was widely admired amongst drivers as of its speed limit-connected features.

Those who are aware of the app have long predictable that Google would track suit after purchasing it. Though it took some time for the features to build it on the official Google Maps app, but it is really enhanced late than never.


Of course, There are many updates for the Google maps in the recent days, comprising new features devoted to making transmutes easier. Google maps newly began updating users of any special offers and forthcoming occasions on places that they track in the app. Now user be able to insert hashtags to the reviews that they mark on the app.

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