6 Tools To Manage All your Social Networks At One place

Do you think social networking is easy? No, it is not. But no worries. Managing many profiles and pages on daily basis is not that easy, it gets baffling and takes more time. Luckily, there are lots of social media tools to assist you to create things a minute simpler for you. Here are some top social media tools which lets you to manage and access all your social networks in single place.

6 Social media Tools To Manage All your Social Networks At One place


6 Tools To Manage All your Social Networks At One placeSEE ALSO : 7 Best Free Social Media Marketing Courses To Improve Your Skills

Hootsuite is very useful and popular service for social media management. You can administer all your social network in hootsuite’s dashboard. Counting your WordPress accounts and others too. Hootsuite assists you to maintain all your social networks running efficiently and updated. Utmost prominently, HootSuite stretches you to approach all your analytic records in single place.

Hootsuite assists to understand analytics for you with esteemed custom statements. In hootsuite Basic account is free to use, but pro account charges $9.99 per month.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is also a service that aids you in your business. Here you can track, update, manage all your social network pages and profiles in the ease-to-utilize dashboard. Sprout Social holds a watch on your business and product for you. It allows you to recognize while someone comments you, or examining out what your contestants are achievement. Sprout Social analyses and monitors your information and allows you understand the efficiency and get of your marketing works.

The professional plan charges $9 per month and involves nearly 10 profiles. Additional exclusive plans starts from $39 and more comprises additional features and profiles.


Planable is a platform with social media collaboration for social media agencies, freelancers, teams and marketing teams. By using Planable you can promo content afore really publishing it, exchange and collaborate feedback, get sanctions with single click and programme in a calendar sight on entirely social media pages.

At present, you can take in Planable:

  • Promo the content accurately how it would look once publishing thus no mistakes can occur
  • Calendar view
  • All your social content in single place, completely systematized and visually rich.
  • Sanctions, by single click.
  • Real-time iteration and Feedback altercation.
  • Agenda, to your entire social pages, on Twitter, Facebook, linkedin and Instagram and LinkedIn
  • It is Free to use and the lowermost plan begins at $ 49 per month.

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social media tool to manage social network

Buffer is really a great tool to programme the pronounced content you locate. Using buffer is a smarter thing just fill up your Buffer at single time in the day and Buffer automatically posts them over the day for you.

Just allocate half an hour in a week line up your updates. By doing so you can devote the time you saved here in appealing with your audience.

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It lets you to administer several accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. just keep topping up the buffer to take a steady social media existence all the day. Acquire innate analytics than if you fair post to social networks straight.

Using buffer you can administer:

Twitter profile, linkedin company page and profile, pinterest accounts, facebook page, profile and group.

You can generate norm programmes to control precisely when your apprises go out, and analytics feature also very useful.

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SocialOomph comes with a varied variation of features and social media tools. It aids you to automate and trail facebook, linkedin pages and twitter. All these features are easy to customize; thus, you can progress SocialOomph operating for you in the methods you require it the furthermost. Likewise, programing updates, you can incorporate blogs (Tumblr, WordPress, etc.). Locate info about followers and friends, sector them into catalogues, sort custom spam controllers, etc. there are lot of Twitter features are accessible with a free account.

Proficient package with overall tactic charges $36 per month.

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