How To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

Mobile computing has grown well with better chips, faster processors and lighter components.  Some modern laptops have sufficient battery power that will last long, but there are some laptops which don’t even have detachable batteries, so changing the battery is not possible.

Here are some important tips to improve your laptop battery life. By following these tips you can extend your laptop battery life.


Easy way to increase laptop battery life:

Disconnect external devices:

USB devices will drain the batter power quickly. To extend the battery life, disconnect all the external devices like external speakers, external mouse, Bluetooth, PC cards, and attached pad.

Remove DVD OR CD drives:

Check whether the  DVD drive is empty or not, because a rotating drive pulls battery power like a squeegee. If you are not using the CD just remove it immediately as it saves battery life.

Clean air vent:

Tips to increase the battery life of laptop
Clean the air vents often to maintain operating temperature in low level. An impassable air vents will generate more heat consequently dropping the life of the battery. Try to maintain clean around the laptop to evade dust. Let for open space around air vents for air to flow easily.

Hibernate instead sleep mode:

In laptop sleep mode will just turn off the display and hard drive but memory residues active while the

CPU slows down.  This lures on the battery. Instead use hibernation mode because it protects the present state and closes itself completely therefore saving power.

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Lower the screen lights:

The LCD screen of laptop is also a big power sucker. Adjust the brightness of the screen to the lowest level. You can do this by using the  display settings in the control panel  or by using function key toggles.

Check adapter:

A incongruity in the wattage might cause an overload hence damaging the battery and the laptop. So it’s better to confirm that the charger you using to charge laptop battery is an original one with correct specification.

Window Power trouble shooter:

Windows 7 and window 8 comes with a power trouble shooting.  This will scan your system for common battery drains & it will automatically fix them.

To do power trouble shooting, go to control panel -> click on “trouble shooting” pane -> click on “view all” and launch the power trouble shooter. Now windows will gaze for problems and it will fix it automatically.

If a laptop’s settings are optimum then this is a best and fastest way to check. No need to dig over many options.

Avoid screen savers:

Screen saver drains your laptop battery quicker. Don’t use  screen saver as it helps to save power of your laptop.

Run few programs:

Run few programs in the background. Check and uninstall the programs that you don’t need to avoid automatically starting with your computer.

Reduce CPU usage:

By reducing CPU usage you can save your battery and power. If you utilize hefty programs which means your CPU is doing lot of work all the time, if your CPU uses more power, your battery also drains faster. So try running lesser programs in the background and selecting light weight programs.


Try to shun sailing through your RAM. If your laptop is filled with RAM and it needs more memory. So it will move its data to page file on its hard drive, and this additional hard drive custom can drain battery.

If laptops RAM is full then make extra RAM available. Shutdown the programs running in the background / upgrade the RAM in your laptop.

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