Best Android Tips And Tricks That you Should know

Number of Android users increased drastically, likewise google play store also increased expressively. Now mobile has become a crucial part of our lives.

So here we are including some best and useful Android tips and tricks. You might know some of the tricks, but there are newer versions and advancements of android, so we are updating it with few more tricks.

Android Tips And Tricks

You android as a security camera

You can change your old or new android device into a security camera. All you have to do is, install IP webcam app -> change settings and preferences in the app and watch live stream / record the footage.

Use power saving mode

Most of the Android manufacturers have included some method of power-saving mode. You can automatically limp your phone’s features or close specific apps when your battery falls below a prearranged level. Android lollipop has built in battery saving option (all phone using android 5 will have this feature). If your mobile don’t have power saving option, then go for app (like juice defender).

useful android tips and tricks that you should know

Disable app notification

Are you annoyed by app notification that keeps coming? This type of app notification also drains your mobile battery. If you are using jelly bean 4.1 and above, you can turn them off.

If you see any unwanted notification in notification bar, just long press on notification to make  message box  appear -> click on “app info” -> uncheck “show notification” -> click “ok”.

Turn on 5.1 surround sound

You can get filmic experience by turning on the build in 5.1 surround sound in lollipop. To switch this feature on, go to google play movie app -> settings -> choose surround sound. There is surround sound app, If you want you can test it.

Disable mobile data

When you are not using your net just disable it, as it drains battery quickly. Turn off the mobile data by

Going to “settings” – > datausage -> disable “mobile data” by toggling setting from on to off.

Install antivirus app

Security is very important for both laptop and mobile because hackers may enter easily to steal your personal information. So keep your mobile secure, there are some good antivirus apps to keep your mobile safe.

Disable automatic app updates

After installing the apps you wish, first disable the auto update of apps.

Go to play store – > settings

Next click on auto updates apps.

Then  select do not auto update apps.

Smart Lock

By using smart lock you can unlock your device with Bluetooth / NFC enabled device like your smart watch, your car stereo, your smartwatch or NFC sticker. If your tablet or handset is nearby your bluetooth enabled device, it will spot that it is a reliable source and unlocks automatically.

To turn on this, just go to Settings -> click on “Security” > then click on “Smart Lock” and add your bluetooth device.

Third party keyboard app

This is really my favorite app, you no need to type anymore, just swipe across the letters of that word and you are done. By using google keyboard app you can easily swipe more than 80 words in one minute.

Monitor your Data

Android device helps you to track your data usage and set bounds beforehand you go over.

All you have to do is, just go to “settings” -> “data usage” now you can fix your data limits, billing sequence and when to get alerts. You can also notice the app that you use most and how much data you use normally. This will help you to track down data controls to eliminate.

You can turn on the “Restrict Background Services” option by clicking on “setting” in data usage and these powers the gadget to do bring up-to-date over Wi-Fi instead of cellular.


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