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Dec 06

How to do Screen Recording with Audio In MacBook

QuickTimePlayer is a great app for screen recording that comes pre-installed in the MacBook OS operating system that powers every Mac.

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Jul 03

How To Print directly From Your Android Device Without Copying To Your PC

How To Print directly From Your Android Device Without Copying To Your PC

Printing hard copies of documents is one of the basic tasks PC can perform. Now you can also print hard copies from tablet or android phone and you don’t need any special hardware to do that.

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Jun 23

6 Chief Techniques for Self – Study

6 Chief Techniques for Self Study

Attending coaching classes or tuitions alone will not help you to increase your grades or boost your self-confidence level. It’s only your own hard work going to help you. So devote your precious time on self-study at home.

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Apr 19

Check Your Current Broadband Speed Directly From Chrome

CHECK BROAD band test free

There are many online tools available to test the speed of your net connection. I like Afterwards their mobile apps on iOS, Android and window phone has now sprung a Google chrome app.

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Mar 27

5 Best iPad Math Apps for Kids

ipad math app

As we all know that learning and practicing math is bit difficult and boring for many kids. Of course kids always like to learn in fun way. By keeping this in mind, developers come up with ipad math app which teaches kids in most ingenious method. You can turn you normal kid to

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Jan 21

Best Gadgets To Make Your Smart Phone to Super Smart Phone

Gesture Control Armband

This is a technology world and it is growing very faster which makes our work easy and ease. Previously we all used our phones only for making calls and sending text messages. But, now we are using it for watching movies, browsing internet, making calls, playing games, clicking photos etc. There are also some really …

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