How to Hide Applications on Android

Different people have different motives to hide their applications on their Android smartphones. But one important reason could be safeguarding your private information on your smartphone. If anyone gets access to your smartphone they may get your banking details, your contacts, buy things on your account, etc. As technology development has made the smartphone a person’s personality, consequently hiding apps also become essential to save your secretive life and private data safe.

Here we are going to see how to hide apps and maintain your data secured on the Android phones.

Ways To Hide Apps On Android

Deactivate Pre-Install Applications

If you are using the Androids latest version, then you can hide apps by disabling them. To sort them totally vanish, you can erase the icon so that it will not display on screen till you allow it. Do the Follow steps to hide the apps from the home screen.

Go to ‘Settings’  -> ‘Apps’ -> spot ‘application manager’ -> click on ‘all apps’ -> choose the apps which you want to hide and click disable.

Ways To Hide Apps On Android

Reminder: If the app you wish to disable is not a native app or preinstalled, then you will see an Uninstall option.

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Suppose if you wish to find the disabled app, you can find it in the Disabled section.

Hide Apps Using Launchers

Through locking an app, you can shield it from sly eyes, one of several ways to get a non-stock installer. There are indeed a lot of choices out there. Some of the famous mobile application hider options are listed below: 

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is among the most common launchers that can help you navigate a number of advantages to making your Android experience better.

The launcher will support you effectively hide items, set custom movements for swiping device shortcuts, control scroll effects like Throw, Wipe, etc. It also lets you set gestures, Like double tap, pinch, swipe to acquire your favorite apps. 

You need a Prime update to unlock the functionality of hiding phones. Once you get the Premium version of Nova Launcher, you need to start the app, and then go to Settings.

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In Settings, App & Widget drawers. Pilot to the Drawing Groups, and then find the Hide apps to hide the apps you want.

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Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher would be another good substitute for hiding apps, and a positive thing about it is free to download. The application includes themes and icon packs to customize your interface. You can also use gestures, quick search, backup, and restore options. When you’ve got the Apex launcher on your phone, you need to run the app, go to Settings. Under Settings, look for the Drawing Settings and then the Hidden Apps option

Hide Apps With AppLock

Applock is a well-known app and available on Google play store. Using this app you can easily lock apps and features like Bluetooth etc. The application is compatible with the Google Play Store. The app is incredibly popular with billions of installs. You can also lock apps and features like Bluetooth. Or put it simply, you can lock all of the Android components.

Hide Apps With AppLock

You can develop lock profiles, like work, and home & these choices will be activated as per set place and time fed. Applock gives you the option to set a cover that looks like an alert message, “App has stopped running.” You may set various alerts too. However, there are many choices to conceal an app, prevent uninstall, pause in locking a device again, save power mode, and more.

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Hide Apps In Safe Box

You can also use the Safebox to conceal your Android devices and other files. You can lock your Android contacts, notes, images, applications, and pictures. You can lock applications like Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. It allows you to lock your photos in a vault including the secret documents. You can also cover your pictures, videos in a vault with all these apps.

SMS, images, videos and audios can be encrypted. You could also send SMS automatically, all you have to do is set up the content, the number of the receiver, the date and time at which one you want to deliver a message. It could also help you hide a contact, and you can make calls and send messages to a private contact. It also serves as a password manager so that you really can store your certificates in it.

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