Free Social Media Monitoring Tools to Increase Your Results

If you wish to understand what’s going on with your social networking sites, you must go for social media monitoring tools. Following are some free social media monitoring tools.

Social Media Monitoring Tools for free

Zuum social

It is a facebook page reports available for free. All you have to is just log in to the report, there you will get the following seven insights.


  • understand your page’s best significant fans
  • find the peak time to make your FB post
  • Find the number of words you must use in your posts
  • Recognize what type of media makes best
  • understand from where your top fans are live
  • Understand from where your new fans are coming 
  • understand your FB handlers who made your page viral

Union metrics

Union metrics is a Free Instagram account check-up tool which allows you to see your performance on Instagram. 

Union metrics using smart algorithms to offer you a free Instagram account check-up which aids you know the health of your Instagram. The tool responses and queries about your Instagram account like:

  • What is the peak time to post to Instagram?
  • What hashtags you must use to acquire the most engagement?
  • What must you post extra (or less) of?

The free Instagram analytics check-up examines the past 30 days of action you done on your account, involving your engagement’s and posts from your followers. You can track it at any time you want a check-up for reorganized Instagram analytics.


Mediatoolkit helps to observe online remarks of your brand in actual time. Mediatoolkit will allow you to understand about each article, comments or hashtag stating your business. Statement observing for more than100 million online sources. Locate comments from several sources in the earth like profiles on Instagram and Twitter, or apprises from blogs, websites, and forums. Free version contains

  • Websites, forums
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte
  • Locality and language filters
  • Android and iOS app
  • Sagging and email alerts
  • Commitment and sentiment data



SocialGimp gives Instagram analytics for marketers, brands, and analysts.

  • Described analytics for your Product. develop your content value on Instagram and develop your audience!
  • Progressive hashtag administration. spot the correct hashtags and keep them to your own consumer described categories!
  • Target yourself with participants & business leaders. Save your beloveds!

Healthier visions about your spectators and with right analytics you can attain long term results. SocialGimp offers you by the tools your product desires and also with guidelines, assistance, and benchmarks.


By using twitonomy you can get complete and visual analytics on everyone’s tweets, replies, retweets, hashtags, comments. Surf, explore, filter and acquire visions upon the persons you follow and persons who follow you.

  •                     Export or Backup comments, tweets, reports, retweets, to PDF and Excel.
  •                     Screen your connections with other Twitters: comments, retweets, preferences.
  •                     Acquire and export Quest Analytics on any URL, keywords, @users or #hashtags.
  •                     Acquire intuitions on and move any user’s favorited tweets and retweeted.
  •                     Surf, explore, filter, category and group include/eliminate persons to your lists
  •                     Screen tweets from your chosen lists, users, and keyword hunts
  •                     Acquire actionable visions on your followers with Followers Statement
  •                     spot the persons you follow but they didn’t. Get the catalogue of the followers and didn’t.
  •                     Transfer your following and followers lists to Excel
  •                     Track clicks on the links you tweeted
  •                     Track your follower development throughout time


Tweet Indexation Rate Tool

Your profile on Twitter and your tweets can get crawled and indexed in Googlebot and shows in both Google mobile and on search results in desktop. Google has been growing in what way it exhibits tweets in Google Search. Tweet Indexation Rate Tool requests Google and proceeds the ratio of your indexed tweets, the Moz Page Authority, and many other websites connecting to your Twitter account.


Likealyzer is a tool for Facebook and it is intended for social media executives, organizations, and businesspersons.

Likealyzer is a tool which takings the predict work out of your FB strategy. The suggestions take you in the correct direction. Relate your FB page to followers, competitors, or products you like. It also endorses related pages to view. Likealyzer alters raw Facebook analytics into a meek still refined report. Commendations, not just metrics.

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