Top And Best e-Commerce Platforms for 2019

The growth of the net has endorsed limitless businesses to get a wider market. It also gave upsurge to uncountable new online- businesses, fuelled by the exponential increase of mobile networks.

If you are planning to develop an online e-commerce store, you have lot of choices out there. The e-commerce Platforms are divided into two ways of development, they are SaaS (software as a service) and open source. Both are really good, but open source is very flexible one for online business.


Open source e-commerce platform has many benefits like you will have freedom to edit and it will assist you to improve exactly what you want for your e-commerce solution.  This platform is becoming popular and has many good features too. Open source platforms are free, here you can control your hosting, themes and plug-in, extraordinary SEO tools, niche related themes, expert support channels etc.

Best e-commerce platform


If you are undetermined among eCommerce platforms, then it better to go for Shopify as it has many great features, have themes of all niches, easy to use dashboard and industry leading support.

Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform, it is the best platform for all your needs and further in order to productively launch an online business. An interesting thing about Shopify is their elite third-party amalgamations that let you shot your website to a completely new level. For an example, An app called Oberlo is made especially for drop shipping. By using this app, one can systematize furthermost of the process with uploading product info, finding products to dropship, into your online store and many more. There are many third-party apps, which you can use it to make your online store shine.


Spotify is a best choice for everyone like product reseller, selling special homemade items and drop shipper. Finally,  Spotify is a good choice of all types of business.


BigCommerce is the best platform for an online store and it has a very good rating. Big commerce is vastly focused on SEO, its SEO tools are really awesome which lets you to get great benefits with your content.  Of course, you know that working on SEO is very important as it brings tons of organic traffic to our website. In that way bigcommerce is the best platform which brings tons of traffic at no cost.

Bigcommerce also offers high in-built dashboard which is easy to use. It also comes with many features which is very easy to use like tracing statics, lets you to optimise sales, and developing a beautiful front-end.

If you are questing for a solid eCommerce platform with high quality of SEO focus tools then Bigcommerce is the best choice.


Wix e-commerce platform is easy to use and you can set up it quickly. Wix is good website builder that lets you to create websites through drag and drop and it let you to make an online store.

In Wix you need to bother about coding as it does not need any coding all you have to do is just drag the content from anywhere on your site with user-friendly editor.

Wix has more than 500 templates exclusively built for online stores and also offer stock pictures you can custom right away. It provides full features shopping cart with all functionality you want. There are many apps in official app market to promote elegant up your website.

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