7 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

All of us want to keep our brain well focused and happier. Of course, the focus is important at the workplace, at schools/colleges, or to be sharp, there are many motives for wanting to boost brainpower. However, sustaining psychological well-being is correspondingly as important.

So, following are the apps which are not just a video game but also to train your brain. These apps help to increase I.Q. level, increase cognitive skills and increases memory power.

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The Best Apps for Your Brain

7 Best Apps to Train Your Brain


Lumosity is a very widespread app which helps to improve problem-solving skills, train your mind, and develops memory power and focusing using mini-games. Here you are going to play against the clock and alter every time. The developer of lumosity says only one session per day can developmental skills and customers can track their growth and compare the enactment with others. 

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Available for iOS users.  Free for limited access, if you want to upgrade $15 per month and $ 80 per annum.

2.CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness app helps to develop cognitive skills like memory, concentration with exciting, smooth and addictive games devised by neuro scientists. Here you can compete with other competitive players and can also challenge your friends. Following an initial quiz, the app adjusts each game’s striving to your profile and provides you advices based on your results. Creators of this app discovered that users saw enhancement by using at least 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.

Available for iOS. Free for 4 games, full subscription $13 per month and $120 per annum.

3.Personal Zen

 Personal zen is an awesome and interesting game. Here player must follow 2 different animated characters one of which is friendly and looks calm and the other looks annoyed, while they tunnel across a ground of rushing grass. Just one term of play can build strength over some hours. They also propose that by using the app during the stressful time just for minutes 10 minutes a day will help make more durable positive effects.

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Dr. Dennis and some researchers, this game decreases the worry by exercise your mind to focus further on the positive and fewer on the negative.  It changes the way of your thinking in positivity like seeing for a silver lining in a worst condition and it is the only way to indorse our own strength in the face of hardship,”

It is available iOS for free.

4.Brain Trainer Special

 Brain trainer special app is similar to Lumosity, this Android app comprises games like resolving various math problems, memorizing letter sequences, and keeps your mind in good shape.

It is available for free on Google play.

5.Brain Fitness Pro

Brain Fitness Pro app comes with many series of memory coaching exercises to upsurge focus, problem-solving skills and memory. Developers of this app says that thorough functioning memory training intensely upturns attentiveness and overall cognitive skills. These welfares remain for long time. It is available in iOS for $4.


Happify app make your brain happier. Yes, study says that certain activities aids to build your capability to overcome thoughts, handle with stress, show gratefulness, and empathize. all necessary elements for a completer, happier life. Using essentials of positive psychology, which contains focusing on the virtues and strengths that empower people to create satisfying lives. Overall this app quizzes, surveys and gratitude journal — united with a positive group — progressively educate life-changing habits. The goal of this app is to make these talents and keep customers smiling all day. 

This app is available for free in iOS.


Elevate is an excellent brain training app and Apple selected is as a App of the Year. Elevate was designed to develop speaking abilities, maths skills, memory, processing speed and increase focus.

 It also helps to increase cognitive skills which was proven to improve productivity, self-confidence
and earning power.Elevate is certainly an astonishing game.

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