Best Messaging Apps To Replace SMS On Your Smartphone

We all know that SMS has gone many years back and many messaging apps arrived and these apps are used by many users worldwide. These apps offer free easy multimedia functions, group chats, group calls, SMS, video calls, gaming and more. These free messaging apps made our communication with friends and relatives easy and we can share our images and video instantly.

Here are best messaging apps for your smartphone.

Best Messaging Apps To Replace SMS On Your Smartphone

Instant messaging apps

Best messaging apps


Whatsapp is a very popular and ease to use messaging app to smartphones. Now Facebook bought whatsapp for 19 billion dollars. So now you can use this service for free. Through whatsapp you can chat, send audios, video, text messages, you can make audio and video call for free and many other features. The messages you send in whatapp are secured with end-to-end encryption.


Groupme is a group messaging app for smart phones owned by skype. In this app users can share send videos, photos, send text chats etc


Line is best messaging app developed in Japan. Here you can do chats, send audio and video, make vido/voice calls etc. This app is free but you have spen some money for virtual contents like in-app purchases, stickers, signups for updates from your favourite brand.


Wechat is a popular app. This app also works like other apps. Here you can send audios, videos, text messages etc.

Message Me

Message me is a free app comes with lot of features. This is an Asian app, here you can send images messages, videos and doodles. Here you can also share their stickers, music and location.

Kik Messenger

Kik is a best and popular app among all teens as it comes with many good features and available for free. Kit never asks for phone numbers, just email id is enough to sign up and no sim card required so teens use it more. It is accepted in tablets, ipods, and other devices.


Cubie is a kind of designing app it focuses on drawing which means users can share doodles to each other (from inside the app) and  it also has boat-load of other features. Text messages, voice calls, location sharing, voice messages, youtube widgets, sticker and more.


Maaii is a great app which substitutes SMS on your smartphone. It is a skype-meets-chat app hwere users can make regular calls to telephone and also they enjoy free calls. You can earn it by finishing the task within the app or you can buy credit.

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