Jan 05

The Best free calling websites

Already we all know about instant messaging services like google talk, yahoo, and messenger that offers PC to PC voice call and you can talk to the person only who have computer that connected to internet . But, now there are many websites where you can call from PC to mobile.

These websites offers voice call services for free and you can talk to your relatives, friends and colleagues residing in any part of the world. By using these websites you can save lot of money you spend on making international calls.

free international calls from pc to mobile

List of free calling websites:

Evaphone: Evaphone offers free internet telephone calls. This website also provides a free VoIP call solution that allows making PC to phone international calls for free. But the only limitation in this service is the duration of the free calls differs upon the country the call is made and the line provider.

Free call: Free call is an app, install this app in your computer to make free calls to more than fifty destination. Using this app you can make 300 minutes free calls in a week to pre-defined free destinations. The unused minutes cannot be progressed to next week. To know destinations, check the website in which free calls are provided.

Poke Talk: Poke call bids free international calling to over 50+ countries globally. Download not required and no need of any adapters and headphones. You can make 50 calls per month with limit of 10 min. per call. You can make call directly from website or you can use desktop gadgets available for Mac and Window users.

Flash2VoiP: Flash2VoiP permits to make free international calls for this you no need to download or install anything. All you have to do is just register on this site. You can make free calls to more than 30 countries.

MediaRing Talk: Media ring talk is for mobile. It allows you to make free mobile – mobile calls from anywhere in the world. You can be in touch with your family members and friends and no need to pay any roaming charges and no need to worry about IDD charges. You can make call from PC to mobile to 8 global destinations USA,UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, China, HongKong and Taiwan.

Globe 7: Globe 7 is a small app united with soft phone, videos, news, games, IM etc.

It is an opt-in widget for your complete entertainment, communication and information. Using Globe 7 you can play free games, send free sms, watch free videos, upload and share files and many more. This software is available for Mac, linux, Windows and mobiles users.

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