Top 10 Genuine Freelance Websites for Beginners to Get Job Online

Are you searching for a freelance writing job?

Then you are in the right place.

If you are determined writer then, freelance will be the best choice for you to show your great skills in writing. Freelancing is a type of job which is fairly unpredictable but you’d be salaried pretty much well based on your proposal and the client you get.

The work differs like you possibly will get lots of articles request in a month / at times you may not get even a single writing job. Henceforth, it is pretty important that you don’t abide all your eggs in single bowl just in case one source falls, and you dispel a large hunk of your revenue.

Following are the best 10 freelance writing jobs websites for the individuals who are searching to start their freelancing career. Hope this list benefits you in the best way to recognize the best websites that proposal freelance writing jobs for the learner and professional writers.

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Top 10 Genuine Freelance Websites for Beginners to Get Job Online

Best Freelance Websites for Beginners to Generate Online Income


Freelancer offers more than 100 various types of jobs. . Previously, Freelancer was mentioned as GetAFreelancer. A Freelancer lets you to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your skills. If you are confident in your expertise and competitive enough, then it’s a great way to show your aptitudes and draw more clients.

In freelancer there are many kinds that include programming, IT, writing, design and many more. Check your skills and ability in any of the areas.

If you have confidence in that you are very skilled and expertise in any of the aforementioned kinds of jobs, the Freelancer can help you get a client. Freelancer is first-rate for writers to get in progress by providing extensive jobs. Some need over 500+ articles to be written!


Upwork is ample like freelancer, it is another main competitor for major freelance job boards. It bids huge categories of jobs which can easily be performed online. Regardless of the pay isn’t each time the best, the total amount of jobs accessible will always give you something to do.

Everything can be done on a computer – from the graphic design to mobile and web programming – can be done on Upwork. Freelance specialists can challenge a variety of projects that include short, huge, team-based or individual projects.

If you want a complete software development team to support your business or writer to pen a 500 word blog post, these tools and the skilled freelancers in this marketplace can lodge.


Elance is a best website for finding jobs and subcontracting work. All you have to do is, register in Elance to find more details and bid on jobs. Elance community is much matured and bonds the gap between clients and persons looking for online pay. Here you will acquire clients connect with topmost freelancers who are best and perfect for the project.

By Elance, you can complete the projects in hours, functioning together in your protected online workplace. In spite of the name of the website is elance, all the payments and billing are controlled on Upwork and you will similarly get an additional payment protection.


Toptal is for skilled, brilliant freelancers with a exactly varied style than the other services on this list. Moving Toptal’s broadcast way offers you excellent access to important projects with giant clients (Airbnb, Zendesk, JPMorgan, etc.) and decent payment (no low-bid contests). Here you can join the Toptal community for consistent meetups and tech events.


Craigslist is a popular classified ads websites available for several countries. It has a jobs category where writing and editing works are regularly being updated by the enterprises. If you searching for fast writing task, then craigslist is the best option. Generally, the information’s regarding the project, email id and contact are provided on the craigslist writing threads and you have to interaction the client if you are intent in the project.

Craiglist is one of the simple means to find freelancing writing jobs. Craigslist’s key attraction is to link people inside the local area but you are not restricted to just your city. You can surf and realize what can find as there are several companies and people post writing jobs for articles, websites and blogs.


Squidoo has an far-fetched community and writing scheme that allows anyone without a website or blog to start writing and making money online, reinforced by the thought of Seth Godin. The instinctive interface lets you rapidly build ‘lenses’ almost whatever subject you request.

Drive in AdSense, Amazon, eBay and other modes of publicity and you have got a huge platform to gather stable income by writing.


Guru is also one of the top freelancing website; here freelancers get employed by both customers and companies. Guru hypes to have 1.5 million users everywhere which are apparently a leading value as far as the freelance business is regarded.

The purpose of bonding Guru to the list is to enhance a bulging freelancing jobs site to the list.

Problogger Jobs

Several best and topmost authors and bloggers guest post on Problogger to link and interrelate with the new audience. Problogger Job Board is one of the close zones for bloggers and freelance writers who desires to get full-time writing jobs or freelance writing clients.

Problogger is a great blogging suggestions guides in the industry.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs is a famous freelancing blog and it is a job gateway which is an important job board on the web media. Freelance Writing Gigs writes and publishes reliable content and capitals concerning freelance writing gigs. It is really important for the beginner writers who are watching for the jobs board.

Whether you are a blogger, editor, writer, publisher or any categorization of individuals, Freelance Writing Gigs is the best choice for freelancers who have space with words. Freelance Writing Gigs also proposals email alert option for freelance writers to get notifications of the entrance of fresh freelance writing gigs.


If you are eager about written word and have a conventional track record in making extraordinary content, then constant-content is the best choice for you. Since Constant-Content is so classy thus that writers can charge highest dollar for their articles (charging ascendant of $100+ each article).

Constant-Content is great debut article market places for firm freelance writers to make money online. ). Constant-Content has a strict writing method but, the countless marketplace and call for writing brands this marketplace one of the best.



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