Google Activates ‘Google for Jobs’ tool to Find Part/Full Time Job

Now-a-days searching for job has become quite easy because of online facilities. But, it become even easier as Google activates tool called ‘google for job’ which helps to find full-time and part-time jobs to everyone who is surfing for jobs. Thanks Google’s tool for “Google for Jobs” to find work.

Google has publicized about its Job search tool for all. Whether you are a teacher planning to move another place to be close with your family, students for part-time job, electrician searching for job nearby home etc. Google tool ‘Google for job’ is for both job seekers and employers.

Google Activates ‘Google for Jobs’ tool to Find Part/Full Time Job

How ‘Google For Jobs’ tool works?

Users will be able to do altered searches in English like “teaching jobs”, “part time jobs”, “jobs near me”, etc. the search engine will display results of job offers from platforms like monster way, LinkedIn, Direct Employers, Way up, career builder, facebook and glass door.

The user can alter the filters to their requirements, like schedule or experience in which it is available. They also have access to opinions and ratings about the company, and even the assessed travel time from your place to the firm.

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One more facility is users can also activate a function that will get notices through email if any new postings are published. All these tools make discovery work with Google further relaxed and simple.

Google also stated that it plans to inset more features and information in the future, in order to sustenance this” new search experience” that they believe to be “simpler and more effective.” Similarly, if you take more time looking for work and you do not persuade yourself, you can just pause and after you return to the device you can perceive from where you left before. It saves our time and cool to search.

Google for Jobs Tool Accessibility

At present ‘Google for Jobs’ is only accessible in the United States. We have to wait to see if it influences to more countries. If it works fine for Americans with assurance from Mount View they will agree to proceeds it to other parts of the world. To do so, they enlightened that they are working with administrations through the industry including LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor, Career Builder and several others to confirm that it will be cooler than forever to find a job without requiring any extra application. 

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Awesome isn’t it?

This way Google is escalating more and more with its innovative features and tools. Preferably we all will be gifted to use those amazing tools to style our work life simpler.

What is your opinion about Google’s new tool Google for Jobs? Share your opinions on the same in the below comments.

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