Best Gadgets To Make Your Smart Phone to Super Smart Phone

This is a technology world and it is growing very faster which makes our work easy and ease. Previously we all used our phones only for making calls and sending text messages. But, now we are using it for watching movies, browsing internet, making calls, playing games, clicking photos etc. There are also some really cool gadgets to make your smart phone to super smart phone.

List of gadgets to your smart phones

Camera Lens:

camera lens for mobileThis is a gadget for those who like to click a perfect shot. This is a lens for your smart phones, by adding this lens to your phone’s camera you can click beautiful pictures and it comes with phone holder so that you can also do professional photography with your smart phone.


Pico Genie A 100 (portable projector)

Portable projector for mobilePico Genie A 100 is an amazing device to experience like movie theatre at home. Though it is small in size it can project screen up to 12 inches diameter. You can also connect your smart phone to this device to see videos on a bigger screen. It is friendly with all devices. The good thing is it also work with Wi-Fi too means no cables or wires required.


Game Controller:

Game controller gadgetGame controller is a novel design wireless Bluetooth controller which supports both smartphones and tablet. You can use this Game controller on your Android to play your favourite games. It has inbuilt battery and also Bluetooth which helps you to play games without any disturbance. It also has six action buttons and dual analog sticks which gives you a best gaming experience.


Google cardboard:

google cardboardGoogle card board can do many wonders – you can view virtual reality just by using your smart phone and it shows you the nook and corners of the world. Using Google card board can show you complete 360 view of almost all places on the earth (using Google earth as medium) and you you can also be used for playing incredible 3D games.


OTG Pen drive:

Pendrive for mobileOTG (On The Go) is a very useful gadget for people who wants to carry a big data with themselves. OTG pen drive comes with two USB’s. One can be connected to smart phones and another to PC / laptops. No need to carry OTG cables or hard disks. Ease to use. Just keep pen drive in your pocket and enjoy the content by connecting to the phone/laptop.


Battery Case:

batter case for mobileThis batter case will be useful in two ways. You can use it as mobile case to protect your phone from sudden falls and you can use it to charge your phone. It is specially designed for high-end phones like Apple iphones, Samsung galaxy s6 edge. This batter cases can come handy when you are out of battery.


Myo Gesture Control Armband:

 Gesture Control ArmbandThis gadget Myo Gesture Control Armband provides you touch free control of technology which means you can control technology just by hand motion and gestures. It has five different had gestures to control technology like games, slides and music. It will be the perfect gadget for fields likes computer games, virtual reality home automation etc. It supports all chief platforms like iOS, Windows, Mac and android through Bluetooth connection. It can also map gestures to the keyboard for customized control.


Fitness band:

fitness bandBy using Fitness band you can easily count the number of calories you intake / burn in a day. You can also track your whole day activity including your sleep duration. It is compatible with iOS and Android.



Smart Glasses:

smart glassNow a days Smart glass are trend. It is wearable technology which has lot of excellent features. Smart Glass is used to record and playback videos and still pictures, track timed events. You can also link it to your smart phone. It is compatible with virtually all android phones.


Note: All these gadgets are available on Amazon.

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