Wireless USB Stick To Expand Your Mobile Phone’s Storage

sandisk USB connectIs your mobile phone have limited storage and don’t have option to add an external SD card?

If your mobile is running out of storage you can use

cloud based services like google drive / Dropbox that add almost limitless storage to your mobile but you need internet to connect and access your files.

So you can use wireless USB stick, it adds extra storage to your I phone and android – no need of wires and no any difficult setup.

How to use USB stick?

To charge your USB stick plug it t your desktop computer or laptop and let it charge for 1-2 hours. In the meanwhile you can also transfer files from laptop to USB stick using windows explorer / finder on Mac.

Once it is charged – > turn it on by taping the small power button on the stick -> now install Sandisk connect app on your mobile -> go to WiFi setting on your mobile and click connect to the WiFi hotspot created by the USB stick. You are done now.

Now you can easily access content of USB drive from your mobile phone. Also, you can stream video and audio files stored on the stick, you can browse open PDF files, photos, etc. and easily transfer files between the wireless drive and mobile phone. It is almost like pluging USB stick into your mobile without wire.

The wifi network has no default security to avert other nearby devices from connecting to the USB stick but you have option to add password to secure.

No internet connection required for Scandisk’s USB stick. You can connect multiple devices to the same USB drive over wifi. It can automatically create a hotspot that your mobile phone will connect to. If you are having both ipad and android phone, you can connect these two devices to the stick simultaneously but as a temporary medium to transfer files between android device and iOS.

Sandisk connect is compatitble with both iOS and Android and available in different capacities from 16GB to 128GB. If your phone is running out of storage and no upgrading option available. This Sandisk connect disk is easiest way to expand your phone’s existing storage.

It looks bigger and heavier than regular USB sticks. Some drawbacks are Android app will not allow to browse web using cellular connection while mobile connected to USB drive over wifi and ipad crashed often while reading big pdf files.


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