Top Live Video Streaming Apps For iOS And Android

You can get nearly immediate fulfillment from videos on youtube or social media, but yourself and your listeners can get instantaneous fulfillment and the excitement from the live video. The live-streaming video is the newest frontline of social media.

Streaming via webcams becomes out of fashion now, and nowadays what you acquire is the sense of intimacy via our smartphone. It is an exact reason why we all are speaking more about live video streaming from smartphone apps. Thus, the following are the list of best live video streaming apps for both Android and iOS users.


Best Live Video Streaming Apps For iOS And Android

Top Live Video Streaming Apps For iOS And Android

The live-streaming video might be a useful for all small businesses, a new and easy way to involve audience and launch a brand with tiny or no cost. Here we are listing the top trend live video streaming apps that assist you live-stream with all your collegues, friends or the public. Following are some best easy-to-use apps.


Facebook Live allows the public, celebrities, and Pages to share live video with friends and followers on Facebook. Previously, the facility of Live streaming was accessible only for popular figures but now all Facebook user can go Live. They can ask their scorching questions, hear what’s on their minds, and you can check live Reactions to measure how your newscast is going. Participants emanations can send hearts as a “Like” or video messages.

Followers will get notices when you turn live so they tune into your recordings at that moment. Here, In facebook, you can go Live up to 90 minutes.



Periscope is held to be live-streaming app of Twitter’s. When you Go Live in periscope, it will instantaneously give notification to your followers, who can join, send hearts or comments in real-time. Periscope lets you to stream live video to all or to particular people easily. Periscope lets you to administer notices for that contact is streaming live or to get recommendations of public to follow.

Once the broadcast is completed, you can sort it accessible for replay so watchers can watch posterior. Replays presently last 24 hours.

Broadcast Me

this a wonderful app that allows you to broadcast live video via your Android or iOS device. It uses to the multimedia server to run that lets RTMP publishing. Broadcast me gives you the ability to broadcast live multimedia streams from your iPad, iPod, iPhone devices to any server which supports RTMP publishing of H.264/AAC streams.

Broadcast me app is free for Android devices, but it utilizes an older version and not works with DaCast channel so far. In iPhone and iPad you have to buy this app at the appstore. 


If your Android device cares H264 hardware encoding among with its camera, then you can perform live video broadcasting. BigVEncoder works the with numerous online media servers. Now, you can blend and match audio and video sources. Pull the audio from one source and the video from another. Take a video from a file and insert narration via microphone. Or else shoot new video using your camera and the music from audio file.

You can also convert existing files to some other format you wish by using BigVEncoder. By using bigBEncoder you can create ringtones, mp3 files for your mp3 player 



Broadcaster is a multi-protocol, multi-purpose live audio/video encoder. You can directly load your publisher settings directly from DaCast to this app so you need to manually input them. this just companionable with legacy Flash channels.

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