How To Protect Your Privacy Online

Now a day’s Online privacy has become more endangered with corporates to governments. Scammers are hacking and tracking for valuable information’s. So, safeguarding our online privacy is very important. Following are some effective methods to safeguard your online privacy.

how to protect online privacy

Use different password

Two mistakes people used to do in using password.

(1) Using same password everywhere like banking login, shopping sites etc. So it’s better to use different password in for different services and sites and confirm that your passwords are combination of number, letters and symbols. You can use password manager like lastpast, keepass, 1pass, dashlane etc. which generates random passwords also saves all your password at single place. All you have to do is remember your password manager’s password. (2) Using same password for many weeks and months. Don’t use same password for many weeks / months. Keep changing your password often.

Defend your sensitive information

Once I saw an image of credit card in social media where all details are available, I am dazed by seeing that post. Never share credit / debit card and other sensitive information in public.

Make your browsing safe

Now many social media services like facebook, whatsapp, gmail etc. offers encrypted connection. So confirm that the sites where you providing all personal details like banking websites, insurance sites has an HTTPS enables or encrypted connection. You can easily find it in the address bar of the browser. Furthermore, you can utilize plugin like “HTTPS everywhere” which encrypts your communication with several main websites, making your browsing more secure.

One more important step is- clear all the cookies, catches and trackers in your browser. Some time you may use a public wifi, while using public wifi confirm that your using VPN service because some restaurants and mall track the activities of users on their public wifi.

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