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Hidden Safari Tips And Tricks For iOS That Saves Your Time

Safari tips and tricks – Safari for iOS is the app that you use regularly on iPad and iPhone. As it is a default browser, virtually all websites that you open from apps or surfing directly, you perform it in Safari. The safari in iOS system has many tricks and shortcuts which makes your work easier.

Safari Tips And Tricks for iOS

Know some of the following safari tips, tricks and short cuts to save your time.

Improve privacy and security

There are lot of privacy settings located in safari setting to develop your online history. For an instance, block all cookies, avoid a trailing between sites, get warnings of fake websites, etc.


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Open the links in the background

You can open those links in the background instead of opening in new tab. So they won’t trouble you while you are surfing the net in which you are. To make it happen you have to configure it. Just go to Settings -> Safari -> Open links and then select whether in the background or in a new tab.

View the history easily

Are you searching from one site to another? Do you want to go to the same page you have been before? Don’t go pressing on back every time, just hold the back button pushed and it immediately displays the last visited site.

Get the last closed tabs

If you accidently closed a tab (website) and if you desire to open it over, find the tab buttons in lower right corner, press it and it show the tabs that you opened, then press and clasp a + button to open a new tab, you will be revealed the latest shut webs.

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Rapidly add to the bookmark or to a reading list

To save a website in safari bookmarks or in reading list quickly, simply hold down the bookmarks button in safari bar. Using sharing menu is a usual thing.

Close all hit tabs

If you opened many tabs and want to close it all? it takes more time to close one by one. So, Press and clasp the tab key in the right corner (below) and snap on “Close X tabs”. Fast and cool.

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Change the search engine

The default search engine is Google, you can also change it to Bing, yahoo etc. To do this go to Settings -> Safari you can organise the browser that the browser will utilize to search the net.

Activate the automatic reading mode

Usually we used to activate the reading mode in webpages manually which shows only text and images.  Now you can it automatically. Just keep pressing the read mode button in search bar for few seconds, it activates the automatic reading mode for all websites.




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