How To Mute Noisy Tab In Chrome, Firebox And Safari

Now Google has come up with a new version of its chrome browser, that lets users to mute the noisy website (that auto-play videos) permanently. This new version Chrome 64 is Mac, Window and linux. Here after no need to mushing on the volume button. If you want to watch the video on the same site, you need to unmute it.

Furthermore, chrome 64 contains 53 security fixes involving securities against Spectre and meltdown. Besides , for window users HDR (high dynamic range) support is here. HDR wants the user to consume a discrete GPU, an HDR compatible monitor, and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

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How to mute in Google chrome:

Just click on the speaker symbol that shows on a noise making tab (Website that auto-playing audio). Or right click on a tab and click ‘mute site’ on drop down menu which mutes every tabs from that website that open in forthcoming.

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How to mute in Mozilla Firefox:

To mute a website in firebox browser, just right click on the particular that you want to mute and click on ‘mute tab’ on drop menu. Now you can see a crossed speaker symbol seems on browser tab, on the left-hand side of the close(x) button.

Similar to chrome, it is easy to spot noise making browser tab just by seeing the speaker icon. You can mute those websites earlier it turns making noise. Or else, left-click the speaker symbol to clasp sound off and on for that tab.

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How to mute in Apple Safari:

In Mac safari, you can mute a noise making tab in many ways. If the existing tab is making sound, a speaker symbol will show in Safari’s location bar. click it to clasp sound off and on for that particular tab.

Or else, right-click on the tab you want to mute and choose ‘mute tab’. Or left click the speaker symbol that shows next (left-side) to the close “X” button.


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